Scaling Startups & High-Growth Organizations

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Growth Creates Gaps

Running a high-growth organization and finding it impossible to complete all of the work necessary to sustain this growth?

When organizations experience growth, a gap appears between the work that needs to be completed and the human capital/skills available within the organization.

Virtus Groups creates solutions to fill these gaps by

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Zenabis — Unprecedented Growth in a Major Cannabis Player

“With our execution-first mentality, we assisted Zenabis Global in its expansion from newly-formed company into a competitive player in the global cannabis market.

We assisted Zenabis in filling more than 20 positions, developed and assisted in their ambitious plan to construct the world’s largest cannabis producing facility, and eased them through their transition into a public company.”

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A word from the amazing people we work with:

“Virtus Groups helped us establish our competitive positioning in the Canadian market and created high quality visual elements to enhance our brand image.”

Zhouming Tang

“Virtus Groups provided key CFO support for us at a critical growth period for our business. Their valuation work helped prepare us for a fundraising initiative to expand our operations and meet our growing customer demand.”

Devin Wilson – Founder & COO – RV SnapPad

“Virtus Groups did an excellent job of redesigning some core pieces of our website. They made complex data intuitive and approachable for our users.”

Alexander Jivov
CEO - Hopeful Inc

“Virtus Groups provided senior marketing leadership and strategy execution support to produce our go-to-market strategy putting us in a strong position for 2020.”

Robert Orr
CEO - Life360

“Managing the growth of Zenabis has been an extraordinary task and Virtus Groups has been there for every step of the journey”

Mike McGinty - CAO - Chief Administration Officer - Zenabis Global

“Every year we are getting more and more applicants, Virtus Groups’ testing solution has significantly improved our ability to select candidates”

Robert Van Belle - CEO - Agentis Capital

“On very short notice Virtus Groups provided immediate hiring support to take on a special project. We appreciated their flexibility, as the project was significantly extended.”

Conway Hui – Sales Application Manager – Delta Q

Survey Report

Virtus Groups conducted a survey of startups that concluded Monday 27th of April 2020. The goal of the survey was to gauge sentiment among the startup community with respect to how COVID-19, and the consequent economic slowdown, had impacted their businesses. Questions were asked in order to determine how the startup community feels about the Government response to the crisis and how this has benefited their businesses, and to understand how the behaviour of the startup community has been changed by the crisis.

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