Empowering your growing team

Our approach

We know that the business environment evolves at a rapid pace, constantly generating exciting openings, but it’s difficult to capitalize on those opportunities when your to-do list just keeps getting longer. We assist organizations in taking advantage of those possibilities by completing the tasks, jobs, and projects which allow them to continue growth.


Unlike traditional consultants and agencies, who spend more time creating a "strategic roadmap" and recruiting personnel than they do on accomplishing tasks, we believe in execution, and that it shouldn't be that difficult to achieve your goals.

Our team

All of us at Virtus Groups are motivated by the prospect of working with the truly innovative companies of tomorrow. We use a meticulous selection process to create our teams, which results in a group of exceptionally high performers eager to use their talents to create leading-edge businesses. We are a unique organization, with experts in multiple areas of business, excited to expand and develop our clients' operations.

Ian Watt
Dallas Price
VP of Marketing
Mohamed Ibshara
VP of Products
Chris Purdon
VP of Operations
Kieran Boyle
VP of Talent
Zhanna Krupinina
Art Director
Mike Kucinskas
VP of Business Development
Leah Zhou
Head Controller
Sandra Suzuyama
Matija Boban
Head of Technology
Graydon Kell
Product Designer
Charles Wang