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At Virtus Groups we have three forms of partnerships. Each is quite different from the others and all are configured to allow for potential partners to identify a relationship with Virtus Groups that will work best for them. Interested potential partners should reach out to Virtus Groups to initiate a discussion on what would work well for them.

Partner program 01

Delivery Partnership

Virtus Groups will include the partner’s service offering as part of Virtus Groups’ integrated services. When Virtus Groups encounters a situation where a partner’s services fit with a prospective client, Virtus Groups will include the partner on the engagement and work with the partner to meet the client’s overall goals.

Virtus Groups also integrates with the partner’s service offering where possible. If engagement integration is not possible, Virtus Groups can provide the partner a fee for any business referred by the partner.

Benefits of the Delivery Partnership approach:

  • Provides additional business opportunities for the partner
  • Seamless extension to the partner’s existing business operations
  • Allows partners to provide additional capabilities to their clients
  • Provides partners with additional revenue stream from their existing networks and business operations

Partner program 02

Business Generation Partners

Partners can access, steeply discounted demand creation by leveraging Virtus Groups’ wider capabilities to develop their business. Virtus Groups provides a cost effective lead generation capability for the partner. This augments the partner’s sales pipeline and efficiently generates demand for the partner’s services.

The base activity includes a deliberate lead generation capability, as well as active promotion in Virtus Groups’ networks. Additional wholesale support can also be provided, including:

  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing Communications Review
  • Marketing Content Review
  • Branding Updates
  • Website Updates
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Relationship Management

The partner can select a combination of sales and marketing supportthat best suits their requirements. In exchange for this wholesale service, the partner shares a portion of the profits generated from the lead generation and sales and marketing activities.

Benefits of the Business Generation Partnership approach:

  • Provides the partner with comprehensive demand generation capabilities
  • Synchronized incentives lead to both parties’ success
  • Expands the partner’s overall market reach
  • Provides the partner with a flexible and configurable approach for their requirements

Partner program 03

Unified Partnership

Virtus Groups and the partner will become a consolidated team. The partner becomes an active member of Virtus Groups and receives all the support required to succeed. The partner is able to operate with reduced overall risk as Virtus Groups provides the base salary or salaries for the partner. The partner also benefits directly from support services, including:

  • Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Recruiting
  • Marketing and Lead Generation Activities

The partner further benefits from Virtus Groups’ brand, network and platform. The partner operates independently within this stable context to maximize their profits. This eliminates the partner’s downside risk and the partner retains the entrepreneurial upside shared with Virtus Groups.

Benefits of the Unified Partnership approach:

  • Provides base compensation to the partner
  • Partners continue to retain significant profits from their work
  • Leverages additional expertise on hand for larger engagements and projects the partner would not normally take on
  • Supplies augmented marketing and demand generation
  • Improves pricing power and market credibility
  • Provides key administrative support services, allowing the partner to focus on primary business activities
  • Provides the partner with a path to profitable exit in the longer term
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