Ace148 – Talent Acquisition

22 Jan 2021

Client Vision and Intent

Ace148 is a recently established investment management firm based in Toronto. The firm was founded by Adam Spears, a successful partner at Anson Funds. As he was launching his new enterprise he required additional capacity to efficiently run the operation. He needed to focus on engaging with his clients so did not have the time to run a search for talent himself. He enlisted the help of Virtus Groups to find him a new hire. This role would assist our client in building the business from the ground up, so they needed to be a highly-functional generalist who could fulfill a number of duties, ranging from personal assistant-type tasks to operational administration to implementing new business processes.


Virtus Groups Development of Plan

Given how broad the role was, demanding a range of skills and competencies, the ideal candidate profile was rather nebulous. As such the utilization of Virtus Groups’ recruitment process was much-needed to identify a generalist who could work closely with our client on a number of projects. It was established that a passive search, leveraging an engaging job description, would be the best method of attracting candidates to the post given how broad the role’s requirements were. It was decided that this passive search would be supplemented by active outreach, an activity which would use insights acquired during the passive search to narrow the criteria of what the perfect candidate would be.


Virtus Groups Executes the Plan

Virtus Groups talent team drafted and posted a selection of job descriptions to acquire a range of skill sets. Our team assessed a diverse pool of longlisted applicants for the role using our proprietary candidate assessment tools. We established that the ideal candidate would need excellent communication skills, be able to manage an intense and varied workload, have a high level of integrity, and be personable. These characteristics were better indicators of success than professional experience given the nature of the role. As such, the range of job postings used were an effective approach in acquiring candidates.

The candidates who possessed these traits, as identified by our assessment tools, were then interviewed by our talent team. Those whose goals aligned with those of our client were then presented for final interview. After a relatively short conversation between our client and three candidates we presented the successful candidate was chosen. Our talent team completed reference checks and managed the offer and negotiation phase.



By utilizing the Virtus Groups approach to sourcing talent Ace148 found their perfect candidate based on an initially nebulous understanding of what their perfect candidate looked like. Our client received a new hire, who had the competencies and attitudes to add enormous value to the organization, with minimal expenditure of resources on his behalf. Virtus Groups fulfilled the role of a Human Resource division, integrating into Ace148 and managing the entire hiring process which onboarded a key staff member, while our client handled his day-to-day business and pushed the growth of the business forward.

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