CubicFarms – Sales and Marketing Collateral

11 Aug 2020


CubicFarms is a BC ag-tech company commercializing large scale, vertical farming solutions for global industrial markets. Their patented automated growing systems facilitate profitable commercial scale growing. CubicFarms’ approach enables minimal energy, water, and labour usage without the use of pesticides.

CubicFarms was in need of new sales collateral and Virtus Groups was asked to write a new comprehensive overview package.


Sales Collaterals

The Virtus Groups team conducted initial meetings with key CubicFarms stakeholders and reviewed the current sales collateral. Through these consultations our team acquired all the necessary information on CubicFarms’ growing systems, as well as learning about the benefits of using products and their points of difference when compared to their competitors in the ag-tech space.

Recommendations for required copy, flow, and design were reviewed by CubicFarms before completion of the final deliverable. Our copywriters and graphic designers then completed robust information packages based on our consultations and CubicFarms’ feedback. CubicFarms, received professionally produced sales collateral which clearly communicated the advantages of adopting CubicFarms’ systems, without having to set aside time or onboard the staff necessary to do so.



Virtus Groups integrated with CubicFarms’ leadership team in order to communicate the features and benefits of their products through excellently-produced sales materials. With minimum effort on their part, CubicFarms received collateral which captured their vision for the company perfectly.

CubicFarms continues to expand its operations, growing fresh produce and manufacturing its growing machines for customers around the world. They are now armed with the necessary materials to persuade their customers to join them as they expand their business and change the ag-tech game.

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