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22 Jan 2021


Frame One Software provides businesses all across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver with affordable websites and mobile apps in a variety of industries. Frame One Software currently provides on-going support to clients in Real Estate, Agriculture, Music, and Health. They are experts in turning client’s ideas into profitable and effective parts of their business.

Frame One Software’s team is small, and all of their time was wrapped up in client projects. They did not have the bandwidth to attract future clients. They required on-demand lead generation to connect them with their ideal clients. Virtus Groups used our business development expertise to execute lead generation activities on behalf of Frame One Software to identify prospects, conduct outreach, and secure meetings for the Frame One Software leadership team.



Define Targets – Our business development team began by defining Frame One’s target market and then applying the appropriate search parameters to generate lead generation funnel inputs. We used a continual target input review to ensure that the correct number and type of inputs were added to the process.

Messaging Creation – Virtus Groups team conceptualized the messaging that would most effectively engage Frame One Software’s target market. All messaging was efficiently presented to Frame One Software’s team for approval before proceeding to ensure alignment with their corporate vision. It was decided that Virtus Groups would manage one of Frame One Software’s Co-Founder’s LinkedIn profile. We optimized it for cold lead generation outreach as part of our service.

Engagement – Virtus Groups conducted outreach, via LinkedIn, to the target market on behalf of Frame One personnel to establish rapport and generate introductory calls and meetings with the Frame One team. Our team held conversations with leads that provide value to them, demonstrating the positives associated with working with Frame One Software. As rapid responses are more likely to result in meetings we also demonstrated our on-demand capability to immediately respond to all messages and hold real-time conversations.

Secure Meetings – We coordinated meetings between interested, qualified leads and the Frame One Software team. We also provided concise details on the interactions with leads to the Frame One Team to allow them effectively convert these leads into clients.



Frame One had the goal of scheduling 5+ meetings per month when we initiated the engagement. Using our approach we scheduled approximately 20 introductory calls per month, outperforming the primary KPI by over 300%. We achieved these excellent results during the summer of 2020, as businesses struggled to adjust to the impacts associated with COVID-19. Our flexible approach to lead generation enabled Frame One Software to attract potential clients while also delivering on their commitments to existing clients, guaranteeing them a reliable revenue flow.



“Virtus Groups quickly provided us a smooth process to increase our business development outreach efforts on LinkedIn and made it easy for us to engage with our target market.” – Christopher Powroznik, CEO


Contact us at [email protected] if you’re interested in learning more about our lead generation services.

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