Integrated Recruitment Services – Agentis Capital

12 Aug 2020


Agentis Capital, a boutique financial advisor with extensive experience in infrastructure finance, required support in managing and enhancing their recruitment activities. Agentis Capital have assembled a high-performing team with a very distinct organizational culture, so they needed a partner who could deliver a recruitment service at the same high level which had produced their extraordinary team.



Over the course of a decade, Agentis Capital developed and utilized candidate assessments to select new hires for all positions within their organization. These assessments were completed in person and on paper, which posed several operational challenges.

Virtus Groups digitized these assessments and built a complex web application to complete assessments. Virtus Groups initially administered the online candidate assessment tool on Agentis’ behalf, before a member of their team was trained on how to operate the tool.

Agentis received an amazing candidate assessment tool, which optimized their traditional approach and brought great efficiencies to their recruitment process.


A focus of Agentis Capital’s organizational strategy is to hire the best talent in the market. As such, they endeavour to actively recruit from some of their competitors and other organizations within the financial services space.

Agentis entrusted Virtus Groups to execute the initial stages of their active recruitment drives. Virtus Groups Talent team made contact with the candidates Agentis identified, pitched them on the opportunity to work at Agentis, and coordinated further discussions between interested candidates and Agentis’ senior partners.

Virtus Group’s outreach efforts resulted in Agentis speaking with prime candidates with a minimum output of effort on their part.

Full Cycle Recruitment

Agentis Capital wanted to onboard two key hires, Operations Manager and Business Development Associate, when their HR capacity was limited. They tasked Virtus Groups with finding them the best candidates for these positions.

Through a mixture of active and passive search we identified candidates for each position, assessed them using our, and Agentis’, proprietary technologies, interviewed shortlisted candidates, and presented them to senior partners within Agentis for final evaluation. We even assisted with the onboarding process to ensure Agentis made two great hires with the minimum of effort.



By relying on Virtus Groups to provide core activities which were part of their recruitment strategy Agentis Capital received an enhanced candidate assessment tool, reached top talent in the investment advisory space, and made key hires without any output of effort.

All of this was made possible by Virtus Groups’ integrative approach. We used our broad range of core competencies to deliver high quality services on multiple fronts, enhancing Agentis Capital’s recruitment capabilities in a holistic manner.

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