Integrated Recruitment Services – Zenabis Global

09 Aug 2020


Zenabis Global was formed through a reverse takeover when Sun Pharm, a cannabis company, bought a majority stake in Bevo Agro, a publicly traded plant-propagation company.

With the merger, and a the legalization of Cannabis, Zenabis encountered a period of rapid growth and needed to hire premium talent extremely quickly. Zenabis’ management group approached Virtus Groups with the challenge of bolstering Zenabis’ talent acquisition capabilities in a number of ways.



Zenabis needed to fill out their organizational chart while maintaining productivity, having identified 50 key hires they needed to make immediately.

Virtus Groups tailored a recruitment process for Zenabis to maximize hiring efficiency, as Zenabis’ HR had constrained capacity and could not focus on developing and executing a robust talent acquisition strategy.

We also implemented our proprietary candidate testing platform to gain an understanding of the growth potential of candidates and their potential personality fit within the organization.



With our execution-first mentality, we assisted Zenabis by sourcing talent more than 20 positions to for them, including key roles at the Vice President and Director level. Thes positions were across all departments including in administration, human resources, cultivation, marketing, sales, and finance.

We also placed a number of individuals in fixed term contract positions within Zenabis to provide temporary support for pressing operational matters. In some cases we provided support within a 24-hour notification period.

Our candidate testing platform has been implemented across the organization in order to set aptitude and personality score baselines which are used when making decisions to form cohesive and high perform in teams.

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