Maple Ridge Eye Care – Organizational Design

22 Jan 2021

Client Vision and Intent

Maple Ridge Eye Care is an optometrist’s clinic located in Maple Ridge, B.C., for over 60 years. They have established a reputation as an excellent provider of eye care in the Maple Ridge areas and have built strong customer relationships within their community. They wanted to improve the performance of their team in order to build on this success.


Virtus Groups Development of Plan

In order to identify any performance issues within their team the Maple Ridge Eye Care Senior Management wanted to acquire an in-depth understanding of their employees’ attitudes and behaviours. It was envisaged that these insights would be used to analyze gaps in their operational capacity and expertise. Virtus Groups’ customized methods of analysis, involving the utilization of our proprietary testing tool, was well-suited for this task.

Virtus Group established that the utilization of three modules within our testing suite would be most useful in analyzing Maple Ridge Eye Care’s employees. The tests to be used were Learned Optimism, Personality Style Indicator, and Big 5. Virtus Group team administered these assessments to 25 employees as identified by Maple Ridge Eye Care. The assessments were administered using Virtus Groups proprietary web-based platform, which enabled the employees to complete the tests remotely and fit them into their schedule. Virtus’ team also provided on-going support and troubleshooting for any employees who encountered difficulty.


Virtus Groups Executes the Plan

While the assessments were being completed by Maple Ridge Eye Care’s employees, the Virtus Talent team conducted an analysis of Maple Ridge Eye Care’s roles and assigned each with score benchmarks. The intent was to assess each employee’s scores against the ideal and preferred score ranges for each tested category with a view to identifying employees who were strong performers given their temperamental suitability to their role and, conversely, those employees who were unsuited to their roles and, perhaps, underperforming.Once all of the assessments were completed each employee’s result output was assessed against the established benchmarks. The Maple Ridge Eye Care senior management team received a comprehensive analysis package which comprised of:

  • Detailed explanations of the assessments used
  • Breakdowns of their roles and the result baselines assigned to each
  • Results and analysis of results for each employee

The Virtus team also conducted a detailed presentation to the Maple Ridge Eye Care group as part of the delivery of these results. This interactive session was an opportunity for the management group to attain actionable insights on where their operational blind spots were. It was also a chance for the Virtus team to share best practices for use of our assessment tools.

The Virtus Groups team also provided one-on-one training with each manager within Maple Ridge Eye Care. This training focused on how they could use the insights gleaned from our testing to better manage staff on a day-to-day basis. It also ave managers an appreciation of how our testing solution can be used to identify strong future hires.



Maple Ridge Eye Care acquired a quantitative understanding of their employees’ personal characteristics and insights into how these characteristics impacted upon their employees’ performance. They then analyzed the results, reflecting on their successes and failures, which helped them to identify gaps in their organizational chart and areas where they could improve their recruitment process. They also now have idealized candidate profiles which will inform their future hiring efforts. The Maple Ridge Eye Care management team were able to achieve this outcome with minimal effort on their behalf.

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