Portfolio Case: Sales & Marketing

29 Jan 2021

Virtus Groups delivers specialized sales and marketing services to startups to set them on the path for growth. Our approach is execution-focused and is designed to generate early traction and awareness which is crucial to our clients’ growth, enabling them to acquire early-stage revenue. We have had numerous successes deploying our approach, assisting a diverse range of companies to reach their customers, communicate their value, and generate qualified interest in their products and services.


The Virtus Groups Process:


1 – Client Vision and Intent

To initiate the engagement, Virtus Groups reviews our client’s product or service offering and analyzes the target market and environment. Our team then conducts a collaborative competitive brand positioning exercise that will craft the value proposition, positioning statement, reasons to believe, and key differentiators. This crucial first step sets the conditions for a well conceived strategy followed by excellent execution.


2- Creating a Strategy for Growth

Building on the outcomes of the first step, Virtus Groups will review current marketing and business development efforts and construct an executable and scalable strategy in an efficient and effective manner. Part of this strategic work will be the identification of which collateral is needed to best communicate our client’s value to their customers and an analysis of which channels will provide the best medium to do so.

Our marketing and business development strategies are developed by our marketing leaders who not only have written the textbook for PR, but also have 30+ years of combined experience with companies like Johnson & Johnson, Happy Planet Juice, and Nature’s Path. All sales and marketing initiatives that we plan are devised by in-house experts who have acquired a wealth of experience in a number of industries.


3- Virtus Groups Executes the Plan

The base activities for all business development engagements includes: defining targets, messaging creation, and sales channel outreach. Additional activities to support business development activities may include social media management, website updates, or CRM administration.

The list of marketing activities within our gamut of capabilities is broad and includes PR & IR communications, social media marketing, branding, SEO, account based marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, and much more.

Under the guidance of our experienced sales and marketing leaders, activities identified in the strategy phase are executed by:

  • Our client’s team
  • The Virtus Groups team
  • A combination of our client’s team with support from Virtus Groups personnel

We set up our client for sustained success by providing them with a sequence of activities we can manage, or which we can transition the execution of to our client’s team. This guarantees that the early success they enjoy from our initial activities is capitalized upon and allows our clients to continue on their growth path.


Example Engagements

Life360 – Life360 is a Vancouver-based company that imagines, develops, manufactures, and distributes medical devices and products. The Contino medical device is its flagship product. The Contino product was created to address the gap in the current offerings of urinary incontinence(UI) solutions. After a number of years of product development and clinical trials, Contino was ready to begin distribution throughout Canada and needed assistance to review and execute their go-to-market strategy. Virtus Groups successfully integrated with the Life360/Contino team to produce a go-to-market strategy that encompassed the healthcare professional and patient channels. Direct marketing support to Life360/Contino has enabled them to succeed in 2020 and put them in a position for continued success in 2021.

IHS – Intelligent Haptronic Solutions (IHS) is a medical robotics startup, focused on developing industry-leading simulation platforms for medical educational and surgical training applications. They strive to provide advanced haptics, VR, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud technology simulation solutions to complex training environments. Virtus Groups worked with IHS to prepare the company for their efforts in establishing additional academic and industry partnerships and to facilitate their entry into the Canadian market. We were tasked with devising the visual elements needed to provide IHS with a cohesive visual identity, establishing their market position, and developing a preliminary marketing strategy for the company as they looked to commercialize a flagship product and launch in Canada.

EnergyX – Based in Toronto, ON and Halifax, NS, EnergyX Solutions licenses their proprietary software to utilities and energy efficiency organizations across North America. Their goal is to help drive efficiency and generate evaluation-grade assessments of building performance and scale in a cost- effective manner. In order to help EnergyX achieve this goal, Virtus Groups planned and executed a North America-wide communications campaign, securing critical media exposure. Virtus Groups were able to offer multiple specialists with a range of communications expertise underpinned by an on-demand methodology which provides flexibility and enhanced efficiency.


Frame One – Frame One Software provides businesses all across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver with affordable websites and mobile apps in a variety of industries. Frame One Software currently provides on-going support to clients in Real Estate, Agriculture, Music, and Health. They are experts in turning client ideas into profitable and effective parts of their business. Frame One Software’s team is small, and all of their time was wrapped up in client projects. They did not have the bandwidth to attract future clients. They required on-demand lead generation to connect them with their ideal clients. Virtus Groups used our business development expertise to execute lead generation activities on behalf of Frame One Software to identify prospects, conduct outreach, and secure meetings for the Frame One Software leadership team. Virtus Groups increased Frame One’s scheduled meetings four fold, far exceeding the expected target.

Kemano – Kemano is a western Canadian hemp grower, producing high CBD organic hemp. Virtus Groups partnered with Kemano shortly after its inception and provided a complete direct sales support solution. Virtus Groups was responsible for finding prospective buyers, qualifying leads, negotiating contracts, and solidifying supply agreements for Kemano’s crop. Virtus Groups was responsible for selling millions of dollars of their high CBD organic hemp for purchase in the Canadian market and aided Kemano greatly in growing their hemp venture.

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