Portfolio Case: Technical Recruitment

01 Feb 2021

Virtus Groups delivers a flexible, high-quality talent placement service which has been used to source for a number of positions within growing tech firms. This service is underpinned by the use of our proprietary candidate testing tools. Over the past 15 years, thousands of candidates have been screened using this unique approach and only the best of the best have been selected, leading to improved employee fit and retention and enhanced organizational success.

Virtus Groups developed the testing platform to make it simple and efficient for organizations to benefit from this screening process. There is simply no other testing process that provides such a complete employee and candidate picture to ensure that your organization onboards the best available performers in the tech industry.

Clients receive high end talent with minimal effort on their part. Using our recruitment process, which is optimized for technical positions, our talent team can source and supply top end talent to add immediate value to your team.





1. Search

Candidate Profile –

To initiate each recruitment engagement we develop a full candidate profile. This involves working with the client to understand what their ideal candidate looks like. We also utilize our own experience of hiring within the tech space to advise clients on the gaps in their capabilities and what skill sets they may require. This can involve an analysis of the client’s ongoing work, their existing skill sets, and acquiring a picture of the culture within the client’s organization.

Targeted Search –

Using the parameters set through consultation with the client, we target the ideal candidate profile. We use proprietary technologies and our extensive industry network to execute our research-based searches.

Advertise job –

In addition to targeted searches we open up passive channels for candidates actively seeking opportunities. We draft and publish job postings designed to entice the desired candidate profile. We follow industry best practices in marketing job openings and engage with applicants in a timely manner to guarantee a positive candidate from the outset of the recruitment process.



2. Assess


Virtus Testing –

We assess all candidates using our proprietary computer-based assessment technology. The tests we typically use for tech positions assess a candidate’s psychometric competencies through personality-based assessments. These tests are designed to quantitatively identify candidates with high growth potential, give an in-depth view of candidates’ personalities, and provide an unbiased way to screen applicants with similar resumes. Specific result baselines can be set to efficiently identify the ideal candidate for any given position. We utilize baselines which have identified high performers in the tech industry previously. We can also incorporate client or project-specific tests, to assess proficiency with a given language or tech stack, into our process and administer these assessments.

Interview –

Candidates are interviewed by members of our talent team who bring their experience and expertise in assessing candidates. The candidates who fit the role profile, as per their assessment results, are moved on this interview stage. All interviews are informed by the Virtus Testing result output and the stakeholder interviews, so that, after the interview, our talent team has acquired a holistic picture of each candidate.

Presentation –

We aim to present a number of viable options so that our client can make a well-informed choice on who joins their organization. A comprehensive candidate profile, based on the results of Virtus Testing and outcomes of interviews, is passed on to the client for their consideration. The aim of this package is to present the hiring manager with a comprehensive breakdown of the candidate’s characteristics to aid selection and final fit interviews.



3. Secure


Final fit interview –

We coordinate final fit interviews, where required, between our client and the shortlisted candidates. Alongside this scheduling, we can offer interview strategies/materials to ensure the final fit interview is as efficient as possible.

Onboard –

Once the best candidate is selected, we can support all requisite reference checks, including academic, professional, and character checks. We may also support contract negotiations between the candidate and client if necessary.



Scrawlr – Virtus Groups was tasked with building a company from the ground up based on an idea alone. Scrawlr’s founders, Vancouver-based entrepreneurs, have a goal of creating a platform to allow users to generate boundless overlay content on top of any website or content on the internet. As part of this project we hired the initial development team, all of whom are working on the platform today. We hired a Front End Developer, a Back End Developer, a DevOps Engineer, and a UX/UI Designer by utilizing our approach to recruitment.

Symetria.io – Symetria is a blockchain technology company based in Vancouver, Canada. The company is developing the first cryptocurrency wallet and exchange service built using personal blockchains. Its proprietary technology combines the speed and privacy of centralized services with the fairness of a decentralized exchange. They required a front end developer with experience in blockchain and knowledge of a very specific C#-based language. Our talent team were able to source a developer who not only possessed this skill set, but who also fit the psychometric criteria which marked them out as a high performer.


Zenabis – We worked extensively with Zenabis, a large licenced producer of cannabis, throughout late 2018 and 2019 as they grew from 30 employees to over 100 at their new headquarters. They urgently needed to fill a number of technical positions. Utilizing the Virtus Groups’ technical recruitment process they were able to directly onboard a UX/UI designer, a Back End Developer, and an IT security specialist. They also utilized our online Virtus Testing tool to screen for all other positions they hired for, including all within their IT division.

Backpacker College – Backpacker College are on a mission to disrupt the accommodation industry by leveraging furnished rooms in college and university communities around the world. Their product was launched and operational, but they required an experienced tech leader to bring it to the next level. Virtus Group sourced a CTO who had extensive startup experience and who was enthusiastic about joining an organization with huge potential for growth.

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