Portfolio Case: Virtus Groups Process

29 Jan 2021

A common pain point shared by both businesses and entrepreneurs alike, is the time it takes to go from idea to implementation for new business ideas and projects. Businesses and entrepreneurs should be able to outline their vision and intent, receive a plan to move forward, and be able to commence in an efficient and effective manner.

Virtus Groups strives to support businesses in their developmental needs and helps to elevate them to the next level. Our growth process takes a holistic view of the business with consideration toward the decision, actions, and activities that are required for the organization to attain its goals. Through this view, a comprehensive integrated strategy and plan is developed. Virtus Groups then works with the business according to the plan, including completing activities on behalf of the business, and provides a smooth transition and handover of activities, as required.


Client Vision and Intent

To begin the growth process, the Virtus Groups team analyzes the overall design of an organization with a focus on structures, systems, processes and workflows with a view to identifying areas for optimization that will have the greatest impact. Virtus Groups will then work with management to determine and fill gaps within the organization determining the appropriate engagement lead and suite of solutions in response to the particular challenges our client faces.



Virtus Groups Development of Plan

Leveraging this analysis Virtus Groups restates our client’s vision to ensure clarity and alignment. We then utilize specialized professional talent to develop a comprehensive plan and budget corresponding with the growth objectives identified. The final program plan we provide includes timeline, objectives, activities, and risk management plans which ensures key tasks are prioritized and that all progress is easily gauged.


Virtus Groups Executes the Plan

Virtus Groups will work to execute the activities required for growth. Virtus Groups’ capabilities include Sales, Marketing, Talent Acquisition, and Digital Development and Design. Leveraging our abilities in these areas our team, and partners, execute the activities identified as detailed in the program plan. We also track and monitor milestones and outcomes, optimizing our efforts in response to established KPIs. We also work collaboratively with our clients on some activities to work towards transitioning all efforts to our clients’ team.


Virtus Groups Completes Transition

After a certain amount of activities are completed and capabilities installed within our client’s organization we conduct a smooth transition of growth activities to the optimized internal team at an appropriate time. To handle the handover complete documentation of all work completed to date is given to our client. We also supply a next steps plan focused on exploiting successes achieved during the initial implementation phase. A staffing plan for the internal team moving forward is part of this next steps plan, as is a detailed execution-focused strategy.



Scrawlr – Virtus Groups was tasked with building a company from the ground up based on an idea alone. Scrawlr’s founders have a goal of creating a platform to allow users to generate boundless overlay content on top of any website or content on the internet. Without the time or capacity to implement the required operational infrastructure or to initiate the activities required to realize this lofty goal, Scrawl approached Virtus Groups with the challenge to construct an organization and provide them with the services they needed to flexibly and sustainably build their product and launch it effectively. This exercise required Virtus Groups approach of providing flexible, on-demand solutions which enables organizations to develop sustainably and scale efficiently.

Zenabis – After a reverse takeover of Bevo Agro by Sun Pharm Investments, Zenabis Global was formed and had the potential to become one of the largest Licensed Producers in the world. By transitioning traditional propagation greenhouse spaces into cannabis producing spaces, Zenabis immediately had one of the largest potential production capacities of any licensed producer, however they faced numerous challenges in tackling their ambitious plan of becoming a cannabis powerhouse. Virtus Groups delivered high-volume, high-quality talent acquisition, expert project management capabilities to assist them transition from a private to public company and to convert a plant propagation facility into a licenced cannabis growth facility, and on-demand staffing solutions in key administrative and operational areas.


Yellowridge Construction – Yellowridge Construction is a general contractor located in Port Moody, B.C., which has been in operation for over 60 years. They have had success in delivering projects across the Lower Mainland. They wanted to improve the efficiency of the organization overall and identify holes in their organizational skill set. Virtus Groups identified a method to achieve this, involving the utilization of our proprietary testing tool and an analysis of the results. We assessed everyone in their organizational chart against baselines which we established for each role. This enabled us to identify deficits in certain areas and recommend an updated approach to hiring which could remedy these weaknesses.

Maple Ridge Eye Care – Maple Ridge Eye Care is an optometrist’s clinic located in Maple Ridge, B.C. They have established a reputation as an excellent provider of eye care in the Maple Ridge areas and have built strong customer relationships within their community. They wanted to improve the performance of their team in order to build on this success.In order to achieve this their Senior Management wanted to acquire an in-depth understanding of their employees’ attitudes and behaviours with a view to analyzing their operational capacity and expertise. We leveraged our proprietary testing tool to assess Maple Ridge Eye Care’s employees and provide detailed recommendations to their Senior Management team on how to use the behavioural profiles of their employees to address performance issues and to onboard staff who would contribute to a high performance culture.

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