RV SnapPad – Growth Support

22 Jan 2021

Client Vision and Intent

RV SnapPad produces a wildly popular RV accessory, the SnapPad, that is available across North America. They are rapidly growing and are about to enter a fundraising period. After productive consultation sessions with RV SnapPad, it was made clear that their most pressing needs were

  • CFO Support – RV SnapPad required an experienced CFO to perform Value Maximization services to best position the business to raise funds to support growth and strategic objectives over the next 3-5 years.
  • Analyst Support – Analyst support was required to assist the CFO to maximize the efficiency for RV SnapPad.

This engagement was an excellent opportunity for Virtus Groups to utilize its distinct approach to adding capacity to client operations. We leveraged our partner network for high-end expertise which we combined with in-house skills to help RV SnapPad achieve their goals.


Virtus Groups Development of Plan

Virtus Groups provided an expert CFO, Brian Roth, to support RV SnapPad. Brian, a senior executive with more than 15 years experience in Finance, Strategic Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Raising, and Strategic Sales, is a trusted partner of Virtus Groups. A CPA and a P.Eng,. Brian possesses a unique skill set developed in a variety of entrepreneurial environments. Brian has a track record of growing start-ups both organically and via acquisition as well as positioning clean-tech businesses for successful strategic exits. Brian is highly respected for his ability to recognize and identify a myriad of moving pieces within complex businesses and develop strategic operating plans to achieve growth.

Brain identified that RV SnapPad required the completion of a Value Maximization exercise to prepare them for their fundraising efforts. Value Maximization work is designed for businesses seeking to increase their valuation for potential divestiture, financing round, IPO, or a variety of other reasons. The service involves a deep dive into the details of RV SnapPad’s business and your market, discovering the strengths and weaknesses, and identifying opportunities to increase the valuation with a specific milestone in mind.


Virtus Groups Executes the Plan

Brian immediately worked to provide Value Maximization services. This service package comprised of a review of RV SnapPad’s current financial data, ongoing discussions of RV SnapPad’s strategic initiatives and goals, a development of a strategic business model, and the generation of additional materials to strengthen the data room materials for investor meetings and review. An option of the provision of support on investor follow up was also offered.

Virtus Groups provided analyst support to fill the gaps and enhance RV SnapPad’s data room. Our analyst also, under Brian’s guidance, completed the financial models and maximized the details available for RV SnapPad’s information.




Virtus Groups’ expert CFO provided RV SnapPad with the financial models and insight which put their management team in a strong position to raise the funds which will support their growth and strategic objectives over the next 3-5 years. Using this body of work RV SnapPad acquired a robust fundraising capability with our on-demand CFO and analyst support. This customized integrated approach minimized the costs associated with receiving expert guidance from a high-end financial professional while allowing RV SnapPad to focus on their everyday, operational work.


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