Scrawlr – Building a cutting-edge tech company from scratch

22 Jan 2021

Client Vision and Intent

Virtus Groups was tasked with building a company from the ground up based on an idea alone. Scrawlr’s founders, Vancouver-based entrepreneurs, have a goal of creating a platform to allow users to generate boundless overlay content on top of any website or content on the internet. Without the time or capacity to implement the required operational infrastructure or to initiate the activities required to realize this lofty goal, Scrawl approached Virtus Groups with the challenge to construct an organization and provide them with the services they needed to flexibly and sustainably build their product and launch it effectively. This exercise required Virtus Groups approach of providing flexible, on-demand solutions which enables organizations to develop sustainably and scale efficiently.

The solution which Virtus Group provided was multi-faceted, highly customized, and dynamic in its delivery. We recognize that each growing business will require its own set of services, delivered according to a specific timeline in order to best employ resources. This case was no different, and Virtus Groups provided a range of services in response to Scrawlr’s needs.




Virtus Groups Development of Plan

A central task Virtus Groups managed was onboarding the initial product development team who began work on the Alpha version of Scrawlr’s platform. The product Scrawlr are trying to build is so unique that only excellent developers, with high-end skill sets, would succeed. Startups can struggle to onboard such talent, but Virtus Groups has devised a process to unearth amazing hires. We identified which roles needed to be filled and sequenced the hiring strategy in accordance with the overall development goals of the company.

Virtus Groups Executes the Plan

Utilizing our unique approach to sourcing talent, underpinned by our use of our proprietary candidate screening technology, the Virtus team hired front and back end developers, product designers, and DevOps engineers. At a later stage, when Scrawlr’s operational team was in place, Virtus Groups assisted their hiring process by integrating our candidate assessment technology into their process to ensure they continue to hire premium talent. We provide this support on an ongoing basis, screening prospective candidates which allows Scrawlr to hire strong candidates with minimum effort.



Executive Leadership:

Virtus Groups Development of Plan

When the company was initially founded Scrawlr’s founder was occupied with other business concerns. While they wanted to drive the growth of the business forward, they simply did not have the bandwidth. Our leadership team worked with Scrawlr’s to establish what the optimum method for acquiring strategic leadership would be. After conducting analyses of a range of options it was decided that Virtus Groups would supply executive leadership themselves.

Virtus Groups Executes the Plan

Virtus Groups CEO, Ian Watt, was entrusted with the CEO position when Scrawlr was established. Utilizing his extensive leadership experience, Ian applied an execution-first approach to providing strategic oversight of Scrawlr’s early growth. Ian also acted in a CTO capacity, steering the development of the organization’s Alpha product by managing the development team on a day-to-day basis. The organization was guided by a proficient leader who provided the foundations on which the business, and their product, is built.


Office and Operational Management:

Virtus Groups Development of Plan

Part of building any business from the ground up involves sourcing a the space and tools to do so. Drawing on our experience our team identified the infrastructure needs which Scrawlr had in the short term and in the long term. A scalable procurement plan was put in place, one which was responsive to the needs of the business over the short, medium, and long term.

Virtus Groups Executes the Plan

Virtus Groups searched for and found an office space in downtown Vancouver and established it as Scrawlr’s primary development space. The Virtus team also procured all operational resources the Scrawlr development team required, including desks, chairs, computers, and office supplies. The team also managed access and subscriptions to the various web-based tools and resources required to begin the development of the product. Virtus Groups also provided full cycle accounting services, including payroll. The Scrawlr team received all of the operational support they needed, when it was needed, without having to onboard an operations-focused members staff, enabling them to focus on development.



Scrawlr is currently conducting a limited Beta release and is set to release a public MVP in Q1 of 2021. It is safe to say that they would not have reached this stage in their development without the support and flexible execution of services provided by Virtus Groups. Virtus Groups provided Scrawlr with a high end development team, elite executive leadership to steer the business through its initial growth phase, and offered the organization on-demand operational support which allowed them to focus on developing the next generation of internet browsing experience.

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