SearchKings – Talent Acquisition

18 Aug 2021

Client Vision and Intent

Founded in 2009 by Darryl and Matthew, SearchKings is a digital advertising agency in Toronto that focuses on lead generation campaigns for small and mid-size businesses. Their key areas of expertise include home and professional services with a large portion operating under a franchise or a dealer network. The company’s rapid growth in 2021 was followed by a need for team expansion to fulfill big initiatives. They needed a Google Ads Account Manager and an Account Executive but lacked the capacity to search. SeachKings enlisted the help of Virtus Groups to help find and place the right type of talent for their environment. The hire would play an integral role in helping to shape our client’s expansion into the global markets. As such, they had very specific hiring requirements that were rare and specific to their operating environment.


Virtus Groups Development of Plan

Given how specific the hiring requirements were, demanding a range of skills and competencies, finding the perfect fit would prove to be quite challenging using a broad search approach. As such, Virtus Groups developed a recruitment approach that involved leveraging a precise job description, coupled with requirement filters in order to attract candidates that best matched the role. This process allowed us to increase efficiency by reducing the number of applicable applications to a shortlist of the most eligible. This helped to establish the baseline requirements which were then implemented into our active outreach component of the search to further narrow the criteria of the perfect candidate.


Virtus Groups Executes the Plan

Virtus Groups talent team drafted and posted a selection of job descriptions to acquire a range of skill sets and initiated our active search. Our team assessed a diverse pool of longlisted applicants for the role using our proprietary candidate assessment tools. We also established that an ideal candidate would have excellent relationship and customer management skills as well the technical competence to readily work with customers to understand how to provide a solution that meets their needs.  Additionally, due to SearchKings’ unique operating environment, filtering for a precise match of technical skills allowing candidates to operate correctly was going to be a challenge. Based on this we identified specific, niche experiences that the right candidate had to have to be successful and honed our active search toward that end.

The candidates who possessed these traits, as identified by our assessment tools, were then reached out to for interviews with our team. Those whose goals aligned with those of our client and were confirmed to match the precise client requirements were then presented for final interview. After a final interview with our client, the candidate was selected as the right candidate for the role. We then supported the offer and negotiation phase to meet the needs of SearchKings.



Prior to their engagement with Virtus Groups, SearchKings was experiencing fast growth and was in dire need of new hires to keep up with this positive growth trajectory. Maximized at their limit, SearchKings lacked the capacity to conduct talent sourcing and given their specific requirements, it would require great effort and resources. With Virtus Groups’ talent approach, we were able to place an Account Executive to help support SearchKings’ growth and expansion. This new hire brought immense value to the company and required minimal expenditure of resources on behalf of the company. Virtus Groups successfully provided talent support to meet the needs of SeachKings.

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