Virtus Groups’ Startup Newsletter

10 Aug 2020


Virtus Groups publishes weekly newsletters featuring some of the most interesting, unique, and rapidly growing startups in Canada.

The goals we look to achieve by publishing our startup newsletter are:

  • Contribute to the startup community – As a startup ourselves, and given our close relationships with many startups, we wanted to raise awareness of the great work being done by organizations within the startup ecosystem
  • Improve our Content Marketing strategy – Publishing weekly news and insights on developments within the Canadian startup scene has placed Virtus Groups as a well-connected thought leader
  • Conduct on-going Market Research – Engaging with and writing articles on startups gives us regular updates on the challenges faced by high-growth companies

Publication Process

  1. Develop Content – We engage with numerous startups to learn the genesis story of their startup, what early successes they have had, the backstory of their team, how they have fared raising funds, and what the vision for their company is.
  2. Develop our Audience – Our audience was initially made up of existent within the Vancouver startup scene, including accelerators, incubators, Angel investors, VCs, founders, and startup evangelists. Through persistent outreach via social media and organic engagement, there are now over 2,500 subscribers to our newsletter.
  3. Publish & Post – Each edition features three to four startups who have caught our eye that week or who we think are deserving of more attention. Our finished newsletter is then published on our website,, sent directly to our subscribers, and shared with approximately 3,000 followers via our social media channels.


Virtus Groups have published 18 newsletters so far in 2020, championing the work of over 50 startups. We feel we have really shone a light on some of Canada’s most remarkable startups.

We have increased our reach across all our social media platforms, and increased our subscriber count by double.

Virtus Groups have established close relationships with companies we have featured which has led to conducting ongoing work together.

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