Virtus Dynamic Organizational Design

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Dynamic Organizational Design

In today’s global economy business is constantly changing and must be designed to be rapidly adaptable and responsive to this ongoing change.  Virtus Groups delivers dynamic organizational design to make sure businesses are able to adapt and take advantage of emerging trends.

Capabilities 02


As a full-service provider we help streamline your organization by identifying, designing and implementing optimized approaches to getting things done.  This process can be applied at any scale across an organization including:


  • 01
    Individual Tasks
  • 02
    Specific Roles or Jobs
  • 03
    Functional Areas or Departments
  • 04
    Interdisciplinary Project Teams
  • 05
    Entire Businesses and Divisions

Process 03

Initial Assessment

Current and future functions, roles and business units that will benefit most from Dynamic Design are identified and prioritized

Dynamic Design

Based on 18 different assessment criteria the optimal approach is designed for those areas identified in the initial assessment

Solution Set Up

The right process, structure, agreements and personnel are put in place to match the dynamic design


The dynamic design is implemented, leveraging the solution set up and providing the capabilities identified in the initial assessment

Continuous Adaptation

The dynamic design is continuously adapted and improved as the organization evolves over time


Cost Savings

Cost Savings – Save 30% or more on human resources for selected business areas through precision capability and capacity matching

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement – Receive 20% or more increase in quality and effectiveness of business output


Eliminate inefficiency from sources such as Diffuse Responsibility, Switching Costs, Misalignment, Incorrect Allocation and Incorrect Qualifications

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