BC’s Best – February 4

04 Feb 2020

BC’s Best – February 4

BC’s Best is a newsletter, provided by Virtus Groups, which profiles the best of BC’s emerging startups. Most of the companies we profile are early-stage technology companies that are currently raising. Should you want to reach out to any of the companies featured in the newsletter please let us know and Virtus Groups will be happy to make the introduction!

The three startups featured in this edition, Agents Republic, Openspot Technologies, and DropCommerce, are focusses on improving their clients’ customers’ experiences. They are all great examples of how innovative tech products can enhance customer experience in any given industry and highlight the importance customers place in such positive experiences. Take a read through and see how these companies have created solutions their clients can lean on to ensure they deliver their best possible service.

If you would like your company featured in a future edition, or know of a great startup that deserves some more attention, reach out to us at projects@virtusgroups.com.


Agents Republic

Agents Republic provides next-generation contact centre services and AI support services with a globally-distributed workforce. They are digitally disrupting the $300 billion global call centre industry, an industry that currently struggles to deliver transparency, flexibility and high standards at a low cost. Agents Republic can provide multilingual customer service, technical support, and provide Machine Learning ready datasets to businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to NASDAQ listed corporations, all at a low cost and flexibility in delivery.

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Openspot Technologies

Openspot Technologies is a Software Platform which manages and optimizes parking operations using data. Historically, data points in a parking lot such as Occupancy, Revenue, and Violations have not been connected to one another. Openspot’s online platform connects all these data points together and shows parking operators and municipalities a simple and aggregated view of how everything works together in real-time in their lot. This leads to smarter and more strategic decision-making around pricing and violations enforcement, which boosts revenues for parking lots by up to 30%. Parking is a $250 billion industry that still operates in a fairly archaic fashion, so the opportunity to disrupt is ripe.

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DropCommerce is a Shopify app connecting thousands of online dropshipping stores with their proprietary network of high-quality US suppliers for product sourcing. Their app can help customers source the best US & Canadian products with fast shipping.

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