BC’s Best – January 21

21 Jan 2020

BC’s Best January 21

BC’s Best is a newsletter, provided by Virtus Groups, which profiles the best of BC’s emerging startups. Most of the companies we profile are early-stage technology companies that are currently raising. Should you want to reach out to any of the companies featured in the newsletter please let us know and Virtus Groups will be happy to make the introduction!

The four companies we feature in this edition have built tech products based on a similar approach, but are working in four very different fields. The teams of BrewNinja, Keela, Streamline Athletes, and ShopandShout.com have built SaaS platforms which are an all-in-one solution to their customer’s needs. These platforms want to improve their customers performance and efficiency by centralizing all the capabilities their customers require on one platform. They are great examples of how technology is the only way to multiply resources, a principle we share here at Virtus Groups.


BrewNinja is the enterprise software tool every Craft Brewery needs. Their comprehensive platform helps Craft beer and beverage producers maintain compliance and spend less time filing reports by tracking everything, from inventory to production to sales. This multi-functional platform allows breweries to focus on delivering the best possible brew as it makes managing the rest of the operations as straightforward as possible.

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Keela is a cutting-edge SaaS platform that has been designed specifically for the multi-trillion dollar global non-profit industry. Each year, non-profits spend billions of dollars on technology and their reliance on different platforms to maintain operational capacity is growing exponentially. Keela has differentiated itself by offering a simple, user-friendly platform with a complete and integrated suite of functionality. It gives non-profit managers the power to maintain CRMs, donor management, receipting and charity law compliance, email marketing, and numerous integrations all in one place.

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Streamline Athletes

Streamline Athletes have a clear and admirable goal – to increase the chances of athletes succeeding academically, athletically and personally at their school of choice. Their solution is a platform that delivers a more efficient recruitment experience by centralizing all of the information on post-secondary athletics programs in North America. The platform includes tools to filter programs based on geographic, athletic, academic, and other important factors. For coaches, Streamline Athletes’ platform saves time and money by only initiating contact with student-athletes who meet their team’s athletic and academic criteria and who have expressed genuine interest in joining their team.

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ShopandShout.com helps brands automate and scale their Influencer marketing campaigns. With ShopandShout.com, brands no longer need to search for, vet, or negotiate with Influencers. They focus on the micro-Influencers, who are eager to grow and collaborate with brands and have been shown to foster more sustainable engagement between brands and customers. ShopandShout.com have built a community where micro-Influencers come to grow. Influencers who sign up to the platform are rewarded with tips, tricks, and, best of all, free products, in exchange for showing off their creative talents for the brands they work with.

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