Hybrid Work Model

09 Feb 2022

COVID has had a permanent impact on the work landscape: what was initially done out of necessity in response to a global pandemic has become an ongoing conscious choice of some savvy businesses.  Hybrid work arrangements ultimately impact productivity, employee engagement, and retention.  Both employees and employers are redefining the boundaries of work and home. Remote work that was once done out of necessity is now being re-evaluated. Employers are quickly learning that utilizing a hybrid work model carries a lot of benefits.


Employee retention is a growing concern in today’s climate.  The great resignation is forcing our hands to get on or off the proverbial bus: businesses now, more than ever, need to design work arrangements that work with people’s lives.  Employees seek flexibility – instead of work/life balance, many take a more holistic view.  One’s work needs to work with the lives of parents, partners, and caregivers of the elderly or ill: most people.  At the same time, people want to find meaning in their work – they want to connect with their teams and customers on a human level.  The verdict is in: people wish for (and often aren’t settling for any less than) the best of both worlds: more than 70% of employees want flexible work to continue, while 65% say they would benefit from increased face-to-face time with their teams. In response, organizational decision-makers are redesigning workspaces – a whopping 66% of them1!

         Employees seek work environments that foster collaboration and well-being less than a row of siloed offices. They seek organizations that demand less where and when they are working and care more about who is working and how they’re working. With our evolving social landscape of increased reliance on technology, employees no longer choose work environments that don’t align with their values of flexibility and meaningful work. 




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