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07 Jan 2020

Pick My Brain

Pick My Brain is an early-stage, Software as a Service technology start-up based in Vancouver. The platform is intent on helping professionals, teams, and organizations package, price, share, and sell their time, knowledge, and experience in new and creative ways. Pick My Brain wants to enable professionals to monetize their expertise on their own independent terms.

Pick My Brain simplifies the connection between experts, or Brains, and users through its easy to use platform. They define Brains as highly intellectually stimulated people who want to share more of what they know with others and who want to connect with other highly intellectually stimulated people. No programming is required on the part of Brains. Instead a number of customizable, knowledge-based service templates are available to choose from. Pick My Brain gives Brains the power to set their own rates, rules, and availability.

Ultimately, Pick My Brain gives people an easy opportunity to share more of what they know with others.


Pick My Brain is transitioning from their beta product, and looking to attract more and more Brains. Right now, they have established a path to attract 1,000 Brains to the platform which represents an approximate growth rate of 500% year on year. They are also using unique calls to action to onboard new customers, including their Become a Brain Program which offers detailed instructions on how to maximize the potential of the platform.



Pick My Brain is led by two economists turned tech SaaS startup founders who came full circle when they started helping people monetize and track their knowledge, contributions, conversations and give back.

Maxine Cunningham – CEO. Maxine is Pick My Brain’s founder and the brain behind the Brains. She is an experienced founder and leader, having previously opened and run her own economic consultancy firm. She holds several qualifications in Economics and Finance as well as an M.A. in Economics.

Brett Crowe – CTO. Brett leads the overall development of the web platform. He is an experienced full stack developer and is a leading coding bootcamp instructor. Brett also holds an M.A. in Economics.



The company’s growth so far has been bootstrapped. They are looking to raise $500-750k, which they will use to fund efforts to grow their user base to that 1,000 mark they have highlighted. From there, they will set their sights on further growth with a goal of onboarding 10,000 Brains by 2021. They are also looking to broaden their scope by launching in Montreal, Seattle, New York, and Melbourne.

Revenue Model

Pick My Brain charges users a monthly subscription fee for all signed up Brains. They also collect a small percentage fee from any of the engagements between Brains and their customers.



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