96 Studios – 19 May

19 May 2020

96 Studios

96 Studios is a creative media production firm that specializes in podcasts, video production, digital marketing, and social media management. Their adaptive creative process provides clients with increased brand recognition through the power of storytelling and emotional connection that engages consumers.

At 96 Studios, they believe in establishing an organic relationship with their clients to ensure that they are best representing their vision. A benefit of maintaining an open dialogue with their clients is that they are better able to adapt to their industry’s climate, and changing social landscapes. Their goal is not to supply a marketing plan to their clients on a package-by-package basis, but to maintain a relationship with them throughout the course of their development to ensure that they have a stable foundation to build off of.


96 Studios produces “The Daniel Carcillo Journey” podcast, hosted by 2x Stanley Cup Champion Daniel Carcillo. They have also collaborated with leading brands in the brain health industry such as Nick Davenport, Fitlight, The Uncharted Mental Health Tour, and HeadsupCAN which is the leading Non-For-Profit organization on Concussion Awareness in Canada. Another compelling aspect of 96 Studios is that they manage artists in the music industry. Right now they are with Lofi Hip-Hop artist Forest Gumption.

The most challenging aspect of this coming year is the scalability of the organization in regards to their ambition vs reality. Overcoming this obstacle requires them to be diligent and thorough in their hiring process to ensure 96 Studios brings on like-minded individuals that are passionate in growing with the company.



Cam Banika, Chief Technology Officer

Ryan Sutton, Chief Operating Officer

Seth Mendelsohn, Chief Creative Officer

Daniel Carcillo, Director



96 Studios are looking to raise $25,000. They have received an initial investment from their shareholders to help operate the business in its early stages. The company has seen growth in its short life, and are now looking to expand the team and bring on more content creators who share the same vision and passion for storytelling. They would also be putting a portion of the funding on video production equipment to expand their clientele and take on more projects. They look to bring on creative individuals that possess excellent communication skills, a willingness to learn, and an aspiration to make a difference. The specific roles they are looking to add are video editors, graphic designers, videographers, and social media managers.

Revenue Model

The company explores a creative approach to a necessary tool for all businesses; social media. They focus on your story and the story of your products to create a connection and provide value to consumers. Their services encompass all facets of content creation and digital marketing, thus providing clients with content that can be featured across multiple platforms, to expand the reach of their audience. Additionally, they provide services for podcasting. Podcasts have become a thriving industry that allows for an extended and collaborative dialogue. During these unprecedented times, they have made use of online services to continue producing podcasts.


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