Acuva Technologies – 28 July

28 Jul 2020

Acuva Technologies

Acuva Technologies is a disrupter in the cleantech space with its UV-LED disinfection technology. Initially, they were primarily focused on designing and manufacturing UV-LED water purification systems but are now evolving to air and surface disinfection. Acuva’s UV-LED water purification systems eliminate up to 99.9999% of harmful bacteria and viruses, essentially eradicating waterborne diseases. With a vision to create everlasting social impact, Acuva makes safe and clean drinking water not only possible but available globally.



As producers of the world’s most advanced UV-LED disinfection systems, they are growing rapidly. In accordance with further expansion, Acuva is also pending launches of global offices in Europe and China.

Just like all other organizations, Acuva is facing its own set of hurdles in the face of this pandemic. However, this has not inhibited them from continuing to leverage their passion, innovation, and excellence to design and manufacture the world’s most advanced and accessible UV-LED disinfection system as referred to in their mission. In response to the stress on the global supply chain, Acuva was able to move all manufacturing to their Canadian headquarters. This allowed them to continue production and meet consumer demand for UV-LED water purification.



Manoj Singh, Founder and CEO

Fariborz Taghipour, Founder and CTO



Although not currently raising any capital, Acuva was able to garner an oversubscribed investment of $5.4 million during their last seed funding round which proves to be a great achievement after only two rounds of seed funding thus far.

With a grand vision to continue leveraging their technology towards social impact, requires further expansion and development. Acuva has got plans already in the works to increase their team size. Additionally, as mentioned, Acuva is in the process of finalizing all details before proceeding their execution plan of opening offices in Europe and China.


Revenue Model

Acuva earns revenue through two main business model streams, business-to-business and business-to-consumer. While their B2C avenue uses an eCommerce model, their products are being sold among these two customer types with the same mission to making clean drinking water more accessible to everyone globally.



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