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24 Mar 2020

Adarsha Leadership Institute

ALI, Adarsha Leadership Institute, recognizes that we are all leading something; no matter if we are a CEO leading a large company, a parent, a technology innovator, a school teacher, a firefighter running into a burning building, a community volunteer, or a political activist. We need to inspire, and to be inspired. ALI believes social media should work for you by offering a community and resources, not advertisements and manipulation of your data. Join, and bring others along. They will build a community and change the nature of what social media can be.

There are no like-offerings in the social media space right now, however ALI see luke-warm engagement by many LinkedIn members as an opportunity to offer an alternative. Special interests groups who want less manipulation of data and advertising may also leave Facebook and Twitter in order to organize their efforts with greater privacy while being supported by better tools and resources.


As part of a soft launch in November 2019, ALI has attracted over eighty members and plan to have 25,000 by the end of their first year. In addition to their social media platform, they have added resources, such as project management software, news feeds, and streaming video to engage members in the community.

As with all social-media offerings, initial traction will be their greatest challenge. Once critical mass is achieved, however, ALI are confident that it will become a preferred network for people across professions and industries.



Jim Cunningham, Founder – As a senior executive, Jim has had the rare opportunity to lead multiple domains including hospital, multi-specialty group practice, academic medicine, information technology, higher education and research, and third-party commercial health plans. After leading the primary care network of Seattle’s Swedish Health Services for nearly five years, Cunningham started his consulting practice, CI Consulting, LLC and has gone on to found the Adarsha Leadership Institute.



ALI is looking to raise $750k, primarily through a Fundable campaign. This fundraising will be used to support their initial spending on marketing and technology enhancements. The platform has been designed to serve its members, so ALI’s commitment is for continual reinvestment to guarantee a feature-rich community.

Revenue Model

ALI charges a small one-time-only membership fee and members get everything offered in the community for free. There will be no premium service fees, or ongoing subscription costs. They will not sell advertising space, or data; this will differentiate ALI from other platforms. The community will be noise-free and trusted by its members.


For more information visit:

Website, Fundable Campaign


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