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24 Mar 2020

AIDA Healthcare

AIDA stands for Artificial Intelligence Discharge Agent – a HIPAA compliant platform helping patients, hospitals, health systems, and accountable care organizations connect with all post-acute care providers. The purpose of AIDA Healthcare is to simplify the complexity of the patient transition process so that case managers, patients, acute and post-acute providers can achieve clarity about each episode of care over time. This clarity drives better decisions that ultimately lead to better outcomes for patients – the backbone of value-based care. When information and communication are clear, better choices are made which increases efficiency, reduces length of stay, and lowers readmissions.


So far organizations using the AIDA healthcare platform have managed the discharge process for more than 3,000 patients. This has comprised of patients moving between over 40 hospitals and over 2,000 post-acute care providers. This volume of usage is proof in and of itself of the utility of the platform, as it allows hospitals and healthcare providers to move patients through the system at a much higher rate.

AIDA Healthcare has a number of Competitive advantages over other players in their field such as enhanced UI/UX, payer-provider contract data, additional/unique post-acute care provider types, improved analytics and ROI reporting, and the latest Interoperability technology (SMART on FHIR). These technical competencies will allow AIDA to grow their market share substantially.



Julian Paraschiv, Co-founder and CEO – Julian’s background in healthcare has come as a post-acute care provider and within corporate business development.

Michael Nikitin, Co-founder and CTO – Michael has been part of three successful startups, including: Aduro Inc, ATG Stores, and Extended results, including two successful exits with ATG Stores which was acquired by Lowe’s and Extended Results which was acquired by Tibco Software.



Any funding AIDA acquires will be used to push growth, expanding outside the company’s current territories into new geographical markets. A keen focus on customer success, implementation, marketing, and additional R&D will be crucial activities to achieve this growth.

Revenue Model

AIDA Healthcare charges a SaaS-based subscription fee to their product users.


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