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10 Mar 2020


APY Marketplace is a new mentoring platform that enables professionals to overcome their challenges and achieve great things. Their mission is to connect the ones who have the right answers to the ones seeking guidance.

APY provides a framework through which individuals can connect with experienced professionals such as CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, Directors, and Vice Presidents, learn and acquire new skills to boost their career, overcome their challenges, and make the right choices to attain their career goals.

The APY team believes that having a mentor can change your life for the better. That is why they have also developed a solution dedicated to the corporate world: APY Enterprise. APY Enterprise aims to help companies reveal the full potential of their workforce. Management teams can now increase the skills of their employees, boost productivity and retention, while identifying their next leaders by capitalizing on their most valuable asset – their people.


The APY Enterprise product has been trialled successfully at a few organizations and, given its success, is now live for mass use. They are discussing with organizations such as banks, universities, video game companies, consulting firms, and unions, with a view to implementing the product within their organizations.

They are launching their APY Marketplace product with 150 mentors from North America who are working in a range of industries.



Guillaume Lissorgues, Co-Founder and CEO – Guillaume has a background in finance. From past ventures he has proven to be at the top of his profession in Sales, Analytics, Leadership, and Strategy. Throughout his career he has used these skills in several industries such as insurance, mobile security, advertisement, and tech. Based on the invaluable knowledge acquired he decided to create and launch APY, a necessary tool to streamline communication in the corporate world. He is now leading the team as CEO and oversees sales, strategy and the overall management of the company.

Alexandre Maximen, Co-Founder and CMO – Alexandre has a background in advertising and sales. He worked for an advertising agency in Paris where he developed full marketing strategies and online platforms for his clients. He moved to Canada in 2016 and started working for one of the largest companies in the recruitment industry. After 3 years, Alexandre started his entrepreneurship path with the creation of HOB Sync to help companies optimize IT Infrastructure costs. Based on the knowledge he has acquired throughout his career, Alexandre has created and launched APY to enable professionals to reach their full potential. As the CMO, his primary goal is to generate revenue by increasing sales through the planning, development, and execution of the organization’s marketing and advertising initiatives.

Aleksandr Sidirov, CTO – Aleksandr has more than 15 years experience in the IT field. He leads a team of 4 full-stack developers at APY and is in charge of all product development, testing, and QA activities.



APY are entirely bootstrapped and are not currently seeking funding. This strategy enables them to be laser-focused on their mission and keeps the team on their toes regarding spending. The day they require funding, then, they will be in the best position to negotiate terms.

As APY are in the commercialization phase, their biggest hurdle is to get as many customers as possible to prove the viability of the execution and to ensure a 100% success rate of adoption.

To achieve these goals, and grow the business in step, they envisage that it will be necessary to hire an additional 15 developers, 4 marketers, and onboard 1 Sales hire per $10k monthly recurring revenue.

Revenue Model

The APY Enterprise product operates on a user based licence, while APY Marketplace’s business model is commission based.


To learn more visit:

Marketplace Website, Enterprise Website,

Or contact Alexandre, APY’s CMO, at +1-844-336-9621 ext: 1001, or [email protected]

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