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18 Feb 2020

Aqua Intelligent Technology

Aqua Intelligent Technology is collaboratively developing a virtual intelligent consulting (VIC) platform to help small communities and First Nations to monitor and maintain their water treatment systems. Their platform consists of a novel and reliable monitoring system which communities can utilize to increase the reliability and trustworthiness of drinking water treatment.

The product operates on computers and mobile devices and is designed to be as efficient and time-focused as possible, which allows users respond to issues immediately. Operators are notified of any issue in the system and can send a report of the problem to the advisor, manager, or administrator. This improves the reliability of a consulting service through establishing a simple and effective social network which relies on data. Operators acquire the right solution in a short period of time to the benefit of all community members. ​


So far Aqua Intelligent has developed a MVP, on which they are carrying out ongoing user testing. Part of this testing process has involved the installation of a pilot on the drinking water system in the City of Lytton. Lytton is an Indigenous community located along the Trans-Canada Highway right in the middle of Hope and Cache Creek. Lytton has seven systems that aim to provide drinking water to 1600 people. Aqua Intelligent installed an online consulting service on one of these drinking water systems, the Nickeyeah IR25, which was built in 2015 to provide drinking water to six homes. As part of the project Aqua Intelligent’s platform collects, encrypts, and transmits data from installed sensors to where the team analyses this data. This solution has reduced traveling and maintenance costs associated with the community’s water system by 70% and has helped the operators to manage the drinking water system proactively.

In addition to their in-depth pilot project, Aqua Intelligent has onboarded three customers. They aim to onboard additional customers over the coming months as they optimize their platform and expand their team.



Reza Rezaei, Co-founder & CEO – Reza obtained his PhD from UBC and was part of RES’EAU Water-Net to find local solutions to drinking water issues faced by small, rural, and Indigenous communities.

Madjid Mohseni, Co-founder and Director – Madjid is professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at UBC and the Scientific Director of RESEAU Centre for Mobilization which is growing participation and investment of like-minded friends from public and private organizations, academia, and communities to solve real problem of small drinking water systems in a desirable, operable, and sustainable way.

George Thorpe, Co-founder and Director – George has more than 45 years experience in business, engineering and project management across several fields. This includes new product development, along with water and wastewater treatment design and manufacture. George holds several patents. George is vice president and technology development lead at BI Pure Water Canada Inc.

Ata Kheirandish, Data Analyst – Ata is a chemical engineer with over six years of experience in water treatment and developing new technologies for getting access to cleaner water. He is providing insight to develop a model helping water operators to optimize control within the water plant.

Alan Saw, COO – Alan is a business and technology executive who specializes in scaling up teams and companies quickly. He has acquired experience in Truloo and Waker Group as Technology Director.

Hamed Valipour, Hardware Data communication Manager – Hamed is a PhD candidate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at UBC. He is skilled in Firmware Development, Electronics Hardware Design, Power Electronics, and Programming.



So far Aqua Intelligent Technology has raised $90,000 from grants and F&F. They are looking to raise a further $300,000.

This additional funding will be used to boost their marketing & sales efforts. They will also look to develop and improve the product.

Aqua Intelligent Technology’s goal is to onboard 10 further customers and file a patent on their innovative tech.

Revenue Model

Currently the company sells the product as a SaaS platform to small communities, with different ranges of service offerings from $100/month to $500/month based on the size of any given system.


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