Aquipor – 23 June

23 Jun 2020


AquiPor develops material technologies and engineered solutions to help cities and developers deal with stormwater runoff and urban flooding. Stormwater runoff pollution has quietly become the most pervasive environmental issue that cities face today. AquiPor has created a construction material that allows water to permeate through it, while also filtering out harmful pollutants and particulates found in stormwater runoff. 

As cities have grown, natural landscapes have been replaced by massive amounts of impervious surface area that takes the form of streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and alleyways. Each time it rains, these surfaces contribute to overwhelming levels of stormwater runoff. Instead of absorbing into the ground naturally, rainfall hits these surfaces and becomes stormwater runoff that inevitably picks up toxins and pollutants before discharging into ocean bays, lakes, rivers, and streams. Polluted runoff is destroying our waterways and diminishing water quality in cities throughout the U.S.

AquiPor’s main competitors on the product side are existing permeable pavements such as permeable concrete, porous asphalt, and interlocking concrete pavers. They know from years of market development and understanding what currently exists in the marketplace, that these materials are prone to clogging and are not applicable at scale. AquiPor feels that their competitive advantage has to do with their material’s ability to filter out pollutants without clogging. It comes down to the material’s pore size. These material characteristics now enable AquiPor to apply the material in new engineered designs that are scalable and highly effective at managing stormwater. 


With technology development partners, AquiPor has developed a material that they believe can be industry defining in both the stormwater sector and construction material sector. They have executed an internal proof-of-concept study based on standardized water quality testing that proves the material’s ability to filter out greater than 80% of total suspended solids in stormwater. The material and corresponding engineered designs have achieved U.S. patent approval. AquiPor has also raised early-stage capital from concrete manufacturers, contractors, and engineers that represent future value stream partners. AquiPor is currently raising funds to get into pilot manufacturing and install the first projects.



Greg Johnson, CEO and Co-founder – Greg has experience starting and running early-stage companies where he has been heavily involved in early-stage product, technology, and market development for various companies focused on construction and building environments. He has over 10 years of experience with startups focused on the stormwater market specifically. 

Kevin Kunz, VP Market Development and Co-founder – Kevin brings a great deal of market knowledge and experience to the stormwater space and has been successful developing the market around new stormwater products. Kevin has been responsible for the product and application testing of new building materials, directing engineers on data collection and ASTM testing to develop new product specifications. He also has product sales experience with architects, engineers, and contractors. 



AquiPor’s current hurdle is making sure they have appropriate financing to launch into the market on firm financial footing, understanding that the stormwater / water / civil construction industries are traditionally very path dependent and slow moving.

To this end, AquiPor is raising up to $1,070,000 in a Regulation Crowdfunding option. AquiPor will use this funding for proof-of-concept manufacturing, product installations, further I.P. acquisition, and general operating. They also plan to make key hires in engineering and product development roles. 

Prior to the current raise, AquiPor raised $1.3m in early stage equity financing to support the development of their technology. 

Revenue Model

AquiPor will license their material technology to existing concrete manufacturers as one business segment, while operating as an engineering, procurement, construction, management (E.P.C.M.) contractor on large stormwater projects with their curb & gutter, sidewalk engineered design approach. These large projects will initially consist of residential developments and once proof of concept is more fully accepted AquiPor will move toward municipal, inner-urban projects.


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