Audette – 26 January

26 Jan 2021


Geared for commercial property owners pursuing carbon reduction, Audette is a platform designed for accessing billions in government incentives and low-interest financing. Unlike traditional consulting and ‘come-and-get-it’ incentive programs, Audette uses digital building data to streamline due-diligence and maximize return on investment for owners and funders.

With 82% of the global economy now aiming to be carbon neutral, building owners are under increasing pressure to change. Audette relieves this pressure, while making it easy and profitable to take action.

Traditionally, if a building owner wants to access efficiency incentives they will hire a consultant to prepare an energy audit. Compared to traditional consulting, Audette is able to reduce costs by 50% and time by 90% through digital automation.


Launched in 2020, Audette is already connected to 300 large facilities in British Columbia across 15 property management firms and major municipalities. This year, their analyses will turn up $50M in energy conservation measures and generate up to $20M in interest-free incentives for building owners.

Partnered with the Building Owner’s and Managers Association (BOMA) and Vancity Community Investment Bank, Audette currently provides access to incentives from CleanBC, BC Hydro, and FortisBC, as well as low-interest project financing.

They are currently recruiting thought-leading BC property management firms into this program so feel free to get in touch with Audette today.

Having found product-market fit in 2020, the next step for Audette is to scale their analyses to new technologies and new markets. In 2021 they will invest heavily in the machine learning and process automation necessary to study hundreds of buildings for conservation opportunities in a matter of days. Audette intends to tackle this through hiring best-in-class engineering talent, while continuing to work closely with their research collaborators at the University of Victoria.



Christopher Naismith, Founder and CEO: Christopher has worked alongside large property owners for the past decade, finding and designing the best solutions to reduce energy and carbon. He also taught energy management through automation to energy professionals at BCIT. He became increasingly frustrated with inefficiency and slow progress towards our inevitable net-zero market transformation, and so Audette was born.

Matt Alfke, Sales Director: Matt has been a sales leader, commercializing hardware and software-based cleantech solutions for the past 8 years. After navigating the challenges of acquiring and analyzing building data first hand, Matt recognized the market-transforming potential of Audette and joined the team. He has been instrumental in solidifying product-market fit and building meaningful client relationships.

Daniel Mossie, Lead Developer: Daniel has led the development of the Audette platform since 2017. As a scrum master and software architect, he turns user requirements into delightful, streamlined features. His experience ranges from full-stack development to agile project management and cloud computing.



Audette is currently raising a $1M seed round, aiming to invest in machine learning and market development to take their next deployment from 300 to 3000 buildings. This includes key technical hires to join their development team, and sales and marketing activity in eastern Canada, the US and the United Kingdom.

They have raised $90K in friends and family funding and $250K in non-dilutive funding to date and will hire both a CTO and a Technical Product Manager in the next quarter. They will hire junior sales and marketing staff as market development requires.

Revenue Model

Audette invites large commercial property managers to participate in a low-cost analysis of their buildings, funded up to 90% by utility and government incentive providers. Each year, they find the best energy and carbon projects across the portfolio and line them up with the low or no-interest financing necessary to get them done. They also provide SaaS services for portfolio managers to track and report on energy consumption, carbon outputs, and efficiency project results.


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