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03 Mar 2020


AutoBuddy’s mission is to provide drivers with the best available options for auto body repairs by comparing repair shops’ prices, ratings, reviews, and location all through their platform. They have created a fully interactive and transparent platform for both drivers and body shops.

AutoBuddy’s team are Vancouverites and entrepreneurs at heart with a passion for cars, repairs, innovation, and real solutions for real problems that so many are faced with. While running their own auto-repair shop, they identified an improvement they could make to their customer’s experience which would impact the entire industry. Their goal is to make it easier for customers to find quality vehicle repairs for the best price and their platform makes this possible.

They have more experience and knowledge in the auto body industry than other companies working in the area. The design and development of their product is done in-house by this expert team, which guarantees that customer experience is at the heart of the development process.


Since launching the platform AutoBuddy has focused on expanding through British Columbia. With that their customer base growth rate is 150% per month.

They have attracted some media interest when they were featured on Global News, as well as featuring on News 1130 in February. AutoBuddy has also been selected to attend the Collision Tech Conference in Toronto.

The biggest hurdle they face over the coming year is to educate potential customers that it is vitally important to choose a proper body shop, because failing to do so can affect the quality of their repair and the resale value of their vehicle. This educational point strikes to the heart of AutoBuddy’s value proposition as users of the platform can easily identify the best service providers in their area.



Iouri Ovtchinnikov, Co-Founder

Manuel Lee, Co-Founder



Until now the company has been mostly bootstrapped. They have also raised funds through a family and friends round. They are looking to raise a further $300,000. This additional funding will be used primarily on business development activities such as advertising, attending trade shows, expansion throughout North America, SEO, and other marketing efforts that they identify as effective.

They plan to increase their company headcount by expanding their engineering department as they add more services to the platform. The addition of extra services will also allow AutoBuddy to increase their market share as they will be a more attractive platform.

Revenue Model

AutoBuddy charges a percentage fee on each transaction completed through their platform.


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