BC’s Best – 17 March

17 Mar 2020

This edition features three companies who are working on support systems aimed at boosting efficiency and sharing knowledge within their spheres of interests. The Perk, Cortic Technology, and Goodlawyer are creating tech-centred solutions which will enable their users to optimize their efforts and acquire new knowledge at a scale which is only made possible by such innovative tech solutions. They are perfect examples of how technology is the key to achieving operational success and sharing knowledge efficiently.

The Perk

The Perk’s product suite provides both employer and employee frictionless engagement in the recognition and rewards issuing/redemption process. Whether it is connected to a performance management system or operates as a standalone system, the reward process takes only 15 seconds. The employer simply selects the recipient and issues the reward, instantly delivering the recipient a text message with an alert, and most importantly, allowing the employee to spend their money immediately wherever they choose!

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Cortic Technology

Cortic Technology is an AI education platform provider that aims to prepare students for the future job market by stimulating curiosity and creativity in AI learning through hands-on exploration. They are developing the Cortic AI Toolkit, CAIT, which is a powerful AI-enabled compact hardware and software platform for student, educator, and DIY enthusiasts. CAIT is a standardized hardware/software environment for students to start learning and experimenting with A.I. without the need to worry about hardware compatibility and software setup.

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Goodlawyer connects small businesses and entrepreneurs across Canada. Goodlawyer focuses on instant, pre-packaged micro services that have been overlooked by their competitors and everyone else in the market. They are opening up a latent part of the legal market that very few people know exists.

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