BC’s Best – December 10

10 Dec 2019

BC’s Best is a newsletter provided by Virtus Groups profiling the best of BC’s emerging startups. Most companies profiled are early-stage technology companies that are currently raising. Should you want to reach out to any of the companies featured in the newsletter please let us know and Virtus Groups will be happy to make the introduction!


EventChain is an event ticketing platform where tickets are secured and verified using blockchain technology. Because over $8B in tickets were scaled or counterfeited last year, EventChain is working to be a secure platform for transactions.

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Trail.One is a web-based platform that helps brands in the Natural Product Industry build trust through Product Transparency. It allows brands to use supply chain traceability and transparency marketing to better showcase their product, empowering consumers to make more informed choices.

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Bio Conscious Technologies

Bio Conscious Technologies is a health analytics company that builds personalized disease prevention and management solutions using AI tools. Their first product, Diabits, is a diabetes management app which forecasts blood sugar 60 minutes into the future.

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