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10 Dec 2019

Bio Conscious Technologies Inc.

Bio Conscious Technologies Inc. is a health analytics company. They build personalized disease prevention and management solutions using AI tools. Their first product, Diabits, is a diabetes management app which forecasts blood sugar 60 minutes into the future. Using Diabits, users make smaller, less frequent corrections, and improve their blood sugar management by all standard measures. In 2020, they will release a product called Endobits which will deliver evidence-based, actionable treatment recommendations to primary care providers, to improve consults and reduce the time-to-care for patients with diabetes.

In the long run, their goal is to build a web of specialized algorithms similar to the Diabits Predictions Engine, which determines if an individual is suffering from or at risk of a specific disease by identifying the onset of disease earlier than ever before.


Bio Conscious Technologies has received significant traction since its inception. In 2016 they conducted a successful validation study with BC Children’s hospital and also partnered with Dexcom and Fitbit. In 2017 they launched their first consumer app, Diabits, which quickly grew to 5000 users. In 2018 they put up a paywall and achieved 10% conversion to paid for the app. In 2019 they began production on their new product, Endobits. They also partnered with Premier Health Group to run a study on Endobits and partnered with Novo Nordisk to integrate their insulin pens into Diabits. Their busy 2019 continued with developing the basis for their B2B licensing strategy, and they expect to close their first deal in the next few weeks.



Amir Hayeri, CEO and Founder – Amir gained a Masters of Science at the University of British Columbia. During his masters, Amir asked the question: can we model human physiology using AI – that question spawned the idea for Bio Conscious Technologies Inc.

Ricardo Cacho, Full Stack Developer and Co-Founder – Ricardo gained a Computer Science degree from the University of British Columbia where upon graduation he joined Bio Conscious team building the platform from the ground up.

Stephen Dodge, COO – Gained a business degree from the University of Toronto, and has worked on a wide scope of projects, including aerospace, e-commerce, automotive, and, now, health.

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