BlaBla App – 22 September

22 Sep 2020

BlaBla App

BlaBla is like an Interactive Tiktok for language learning. Their content creators are ESL teachers from the US and Canada. The team has already successfully achieved 8000 WAU 6 weeks after launching the product. Their users generate over 7,700 minutes of speaking practice data. BlaBla app’s goal is to democratize language learning for everyone in the world. The app can be downloaded on their website (Details section for more info).

As an educational service, BlaBla’s main competitors are tutoring companies that allow the user to subscribe for one hour sessions with an online language exchange partner. BlaBla’s app can replace those tutoring services by making it more convenient and accessible to learn English in a way in which the user will enjoy speaking. BlaBla also has a host of video clips from various native speakers which allows users to find which teaching methods and educators work for them. This flexibility has proven to one of the major competitive advantages that BlaBla App holds.



Since their initial launch in July, BlaBla has garnered 8000 WAU and over 7700 minutes of speaking recording minutes. They are also backed by Y Combinator, S2 Capital, Starling Ventures, etc.

BlaBla’s system is equipped with advanced AI that offers the best teaching and video making experience. It has over 6000 video lessons covering over 200+ topics, with more than a hundred content creators, and is notably 10 times effective. The benefits of using the app for ESL content creators include the ability to work from home and anywhere around the world, flexible scheduling, and competitive pay.

BlaBla’s biggest hurdle to overcome starting at Q4 2020 is converting their freemium users to VIP subscription users. In order to do so, they will be working towards fine-tuning the upgrade experience in-app as well as the mobile pages.



Founder, Angelo, had successfully built the business to 5 million ARR and exited his role in 2019. The technical cofounder had past experiences working as an ML engineer for companies including Tencent and Huawei. The Director of Content co-created several English learning audiobooks and products and the Director of Marketing has led the marketing effort for an English learning app from a start-up to IPO.



BlaBla believes that work is a complement to life and in doing so, their platform is meant to create a fun, convenient, and effective English education experience. In order to share this initiative, BlaBla is currently raising 1 million on 8 million YC SAFE. The secured funding will be used towards product and content to improve the app to ensure quality experience for the user. Capital will be also be allocated towards marketing expenditures as the company looks towards further growth and expansion.

Before YC, BlaBla had raised 1 million, and following the YC demo day, they hope to fulfill the raising of 1 million on 8 million YC SAFE notes.

Currently, BlaBla consists of a team of 16 members that range across various sectors including product, marketing, and content. As they look towards further expansion, the company plans to continue growing its team.


Revenue Model

BlaBla’s main stream of revenue derives from their VIP subscription of $6/user/month.



For more information visit:

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