Boss Insights – 7 April

07 Apr 2020

Boss Insights

Boss Insights is a Big Data platform that empowers lenders to measure businesses on their merit in addition to collateral. Their compound data platform lends efficiencies to lenders by accelerating business lending approvals from months to minutes and creating true financial partnership between lenders and borrowers.

Boss Insights’ primary target includes lenders (banks, credit unions, and private lenders) in Canada, the US and the UK. They offer these financial institutions a health check of a business in real-time by automating the data sharing process and using AI. With the global leading number of APIs, they are the only provider who can offer a 360° view check of a business. It’s this deep insight into business borrowers which enables lenders to understand their business at a deeper level and gain access to ancillary services such as treasury, cash management, FX, and deposits.


The world has gone digital overnight and Boss Insights have been working to keep up with lenders’ questions on how to manage a 10x surge in loan applications. They are currently working with banks and private lenders in Canada and the US to answer these needs. At the end of the first quarter they have already exceeded their sales from last year. They have been featured in industry publications and panels. They have also had articles published by The Fintech Times, Bank Innovator, have been mentioned in Bank Innovation, Forbes and The Financial Revolutionist and have been featured in several podcasts including 20 leaders in 20 days and Corona Combatants. They will be featured in the 2020 Top 100 Canadian Professionals.



Boss Insights is a technically robust team of eight software engineers, data scientists and business development professionals led by 2 founders who sold previous startups and have enterprise experience.

Keren Moynihan, CEO & Co-Founder – With a Joint JD/MBA and awarded a Top 25 Executive Leader in Lending, Keren has a diverse background as a commercial banker, wealth manager, and former founder of an impact startup. She is a regular speaker and mentor on AI, Big Data, lending, investing, and entrepreneurship. By creating collaborative approaches to democratizing capital Keren envisions bridging the need-gap in the lending industry and powering the economic engine of the future – SMBs and Commercial businesses.

Luke Moynihan, CTO & Co-founder – Luke began coding at 14 & started his first business at 18. That company is still in operation today. He has built the tech stack that supported the scaling of three tech companies; Deal Find, where he scaled the company from 3 to 300 employees; Amazon, where he managed a team of engineers that saved the company millions by predicting locations of product; and Realizing the impact of operational automation led him to develop AI & big data for debt financing as a SaaS offering. His vision is to provide a real time health check for private businesses.



Boss Insights are currently raising a seed round and have been self-funded until now to support market growth in the US, UK and Canada.

Revenue Model

Boss Insights license their software to lenders who then provide the functionality to borrowers.


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