Botpress – 8 September

08 Sep 2020


Botpress is a low-code open-source conversational AI platform for 10x faster business processes and FAQ automation. They have built an enterprise-grade software to serve the Global 2000 who want to change the way they automate and make services available to their teams. It allows teams to collaborate on the creation of conversational experiences with work spaces, role-based access control, and versioning. It can deploy in compliance with the business’ security and data policies as it is an on-prem solution. The powerful analytics and reporting will provide insights to improve your conversational assistants.

“Chatbots will soon be ubiquitous” was the belief—and the common vision—that brought together software engineers from Canada, Dubai, and other places around the world. Botpress was built from the optimism upon the rise of AI as far as conversational assistants are concerned, which has driven the passion and obsession of its team to write tools for building them that developers will love.

Conversational assistants matter because they allow people to naturally delegate a wide range of tasks to software that is designed to do it. This means people can focus on value-added projects and inquiries—they spend less time engaging with software, and less time doing tasks that software can do for them.

Botpress is differentiated from their competitors in numerous ways with the first being that Botpress can run without internet access – there are no external dependencies which allows for full control of data and privacy. In addition, the conversation studio makes the task of building conversational assistants fast, easy, and productive by assembling all the key components. Finally, Botpress’ natural language and dialogue understanding require very few data (~10 utterances) to excel in its role.



Botpress aims to provide the best platform including the best AI technology for chatbots. While it was built to easily consume third party technology, many of the AI algorithms out there are commodified and the value added by Botpress is being able to optimally apply these algorithms, in the context of the overall chatbot development ecosystem.

Botpress was built with openness as a primary differentiator. The open platform allows developers to use Botpress as middleware, connecting many relevant third-party services and in-house systems. Many components, inside Botpress, including the tools for building conversations, are customizable and extensible, allowing for change and adaptability in the future.

Not only is the platform easy to use and allows for customization to fit the needs of the user, but Botpress ensures data privacy and security which are factors in which many companies prioritize.

While they have many challenges as a fast-growing company, the biggest hurdle will be to hire and structure the team needed to support Botpress’ fast growth. Acquiring the best talent is a challenge in itself, but then creating the perfect synergy between individuals and teams is also something that the company strives to achieve, and that’s another ball game.



Sylvain Perron, CEO

Jean Bernard Perron, CFO

Marc Mercier, Head of Marketing

Nadine Ungerer, Head of Customer Success

François Darveau, Head of Technology



In the pursuit to fulfill their grand vision for a new world of AI, Botpress is looking towards further expansion, and in doing so, they plan to raise a Series A in early 2021. The secured funds will be used to support the company’s growth and international expansion initiatives.

Revenue Model

Botpress operates using an open-core model, meaning they have an open-source version with an active community on top of which they built an enterprise set of functionalities that are solving very key challenges faced by large organizations such as Governments and Fortune 500.



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