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25 Feb 2020


BrewNinja is the enterprise software tool every Craft Brewery needs.

BrewNinja’s comprehensive platform helps Craft beer and beverage producers maintain compliance and spend less time filing reports by tracking everything, from inventory to production to sales. This extensive, multi-functional platform allows breweries to focus on delivering the best possible brew as it makes managing the rest of the operations as straightforward as possible.


BrewNinja started in 2019 with only one customer. Their expansion since then has been remarkable. They have grown to serve a number of breweries across 5 provinces and 1 state. The past year also saw BrewNinja spreading awareness of their product through visits to the BC Craft Beer Conference, the Alberta Craft Brewers Conference, the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, and the Ontario Craft Brewers Conference.

They have already created partnerships with other enterprise software companies, such as Quickbooks and Square, and will continue to improve the platform’s functionality and add value through engaging with partners who can provide additional connectivity or value.

With Canada’s new Traceability Act coming in place by July 2020, demand for their product will never be higher. Additional funding will allow them to capitalize on this demand and the opportunities it will bring.



Shea Martin, Co-Founder/CEO. – Shea has over 10 years of experience as a technology leader and is a seasoned full-stack software engineer. This experience was acquired through working at Lockheed Martin and leading teams in other startups before starting BrewNinja. He has built up vast knowledge in building and managing software teams throughout his career.

Matthew Hon, Co-Founder/VP Sales – Matthew is an experienced sales leader with specific expertise in growing a sales pipeline from scratch and creating business development and sales processes for startups. He has worked in a variety of business development roles for companies across several verticals, including fintech and hospitality. Matthew is also an organizing member of Startup Grind Vancouver so he is well connected to the founders and entrepreneurs active on the scene.



BrewNinja’s founders initially raised $100,000 through a Friends and Family round. This enabled their early growth and has placed them well for further expansion. They now seek $500,000, with which they will look to increase sales in Canada, hire a support team for customer success and on-boarding, and also expand into the US later in 2020.

Revenue Model

BrewNinja currently operates a SaaS business model, charging customers subscription fees on a tiered basis.


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