BRINC Drones – 16 February

16 Feb 2021

BRINC Drones

Dangerous situations come up every day in the line of duty for law enforcement officers. Brinc’s LEMUR drone has the tech and the tools needed to de-escalate these potentially explosive situations. Developed through advanced DHS research and with a close working partnership with LVMPD SWAT, the Lemur’s unique capabilities can not only aid tactical teams- but can do so without risking the safety of officers or suspects. The Lemur undoubtedly represents a new benchmark in tactical UAV capability.

The BRINC Drones’ LEMUR is a new kind of robot designed to aid tactical teams in barricades, hostage, and active shooter situations. They search structures like never before without risking the safety of officers or suspects.

Unprecedented capabilities:

The LEMUR can breach structures, effectively locate suspects anywhere (including inside homes, skyscrapers, and buses), facilitate two-way communication between crisis negotiators and suspects, and deploy countermeasures when the mission demands.

A proven and reliable tool:

Tested in dozens of real-world SWAT call-outs- it is a powerful and reliable tactical tool that can save time and lives.



BRINC has taken in $500,000 of revenue within the last two months. The company is working with many SWAT teams. The global drone market, accounting for all use cases, is $1B+, and the market for 911 drone response technology is far larger.

Manufacturing enough drones to meet demand is their biggest challenge. They are using their seed round to ramp up manufacturing, which is all conducted in Las Vegas.


A bootstrapped company until last year, BRINC closed its last round of funding at the end of 2020; it raised $2.3M through a seed round. Over the next couple of months, its focus is on mass commercialization and manufacturing. Brinc is also conducting initial spec settings and building out its 911 response drone technology.

BRINC currently has a full time headcount of 11 and plans on expanding further between now and its upcoming Series A funding round.



Blake Resnick, Founder and CEO

Brett Kanda, VP of Sales

Abhishek Thakur, Director of Autonomy Engineering

Sean Heilman, Director of Training

Revenue Model

Its primary revenue stream is the sale of the drone hardware. It will also operate with a service structure component to the business, providing insurance, maintenance, training, and anything drone program related for police departments.


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