BuyProperly – 1 December

01 Dec 2020


BuyProperly is an online exchange for fractional investments in real estate that addresses the problem of mass-market households being left out of investment opportunities in real estate due to a high minimum investment requirement, lack of liquidity, and an inefficient investment process.

Through BuyProperly’s online platform, customers can own a slice of a property by investing as low as $2,500. These are high-growth buy-to-let residential properties that are sourced and managed by BuyProperly. Customers can earn potential monthly rental dividends and capital appreciation on exit without increasing their debt levels.

Investing in real estate has a reasonably long lock-in period for generating good returns. BuyProperly solves this by providing a secondary marketplace to customers to enable them to re-sell their shares in the property. Key features of the platform are:

Simple and digitally-enabled investment process

Low minimum investment enabling access to high return real estate to the mass market

Hassle-free Real Estate ownership with BuyProperly managing operations and distributing rental yield

Secondary exchange (marketplace) allowing trading of real estate portfolio like a stock

The company’s goal is to democratize real-estate investing and make it accessible to everyone through fractional ownership.

Their biggest competitors are Fundrise in the US and Property Partner in the UK. The key factors that differentiate the BuyProperly value proposition are:

Low minimum: Allowing everyone to enter the real estate market.

A marketplace model to provide higher liquidity and exit options for BuyProperly’s customers

An AI/ML-driven property sourcing algorithm to identify properties with maximum growth potential



BuyProperly has already raised CAD 245,000 in September 2019 and is now raising their seed round. There are three key areas in which BuyProperly plans to invest as it looks to democratize real estate investing and make it accessible to all Canadians.

Primarily, they aim to invest in marketing and sales to acquire new customers. The second is product and technology spend. The third area is legal. Over the next six months, they plan to grow their Sales, Marketing and Technology teams to around 2-3x of its current size.


BuyProperly is backed by well-known Canadian investors such as Ryerson Futures, High Park Angels, and several experienced angel investors in conjunction with an advisory group of renowned experts in real estate, finance, and data science.

They launched their first investment property in January 2020, reaching 100% subscription before the closing date. BuyProperly has added several investment properties on their platform since then – explore these at

The company has won numerous awards and recognition including the ‘Audience Choice Award for Best Fintech Startup’ at the Ascension Demo Day of Fintech Cadence.



BuyProperly is a team of millennials struggling with this problem firsthand. The founding team is well-rounded with experience spanning Strategy, Product, Tech (including AI), and Marketing.

Founding team profile:

Khushboo Jha, Founder & CEO – Khushboo has over 10+ years of experience at Amazon, Deutsche Bank, and Accenture. She is a builder at heart and has built and launched two marketplaces within Amazon and has extensive experience leveraging AI for efficiency. She has lived and worked in the US, UK, Canada, and India. She has an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur.

Peter Tran oversees the technology design and implementation and has 10+ years at Invision, Amazon, Oracle building, and scaling technology systems. He has extensive experience leading groups to solve complex technical problems & building scalable enterprise web applications. He has a degree in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Toronto.


Revenue Model

BuyProperly has built an industry-first Online Exchange for Fractional Real Estate Investment. Through the platform, customers can own a slice of a property by investing as low as $2,500 and earn potential quarterly rental dividends and capital appreciation on exit.

BuyProperly key revenue stream is an Assets under management fee for providing services for the hold period of the property


Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram


10 Dundas Street E, Suite 600,

Toronto, Ontario M5B2G9


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