Canada Startup News – 21 April

21 Apr 2020

This edition profiles another three Canadian startups who are going from strength to strength.

Prototype Hubs, Practice Alpha, and Moselle are creating tech-based solutions to long-standing problems within their respective industries. They have all managed to leverage the advantages of innovative tech to propose new and unique answers to questions which would remain unanswerable without such advantages. These three companies are great examples of how advancements in technologies can allow a complete rethink of the challenges we face.

The three companies we feature are:

Prototype Hubs

Prototype Hubs has developed an advanced manufacturing web-based platform to automate and simplify the manufacturing process so that customers can get hundreds of instant prices and feel great about choosing a manufacturing partner that meets their requirements.

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Practice Alpha

Practice Alpha provides unique software for the dental, medical, optical, massage and chiropractic industries. Their revolutionary platform provides efficient communication tools, generates reviews and provides full business analytics at your fingertips!

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Moselle is a digital platform that helps to simplify trade financing for importing wholesale companies. They deliver essential trade financing solutions through a centralized digital platform, bringing cost savings and eliminating friction points for businesses.

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