Canada Startup News – 28 April

28 Apr 2020

The three companies we feature in this edition are not only based around great ideas which solve an existing problem for their customers, they also provide services which are particularly pertinent in the current climate. These companies are examples of how offering genuine value to your customer base will guarantee your company relevance, even if a slight pivot here and there is required.

The three companies we feature are:


Growlytics enables farmers to professionalize their farm business management. They help farms make strong financial decisions, gain access to more capital, and free up valuable time. In today’s competitive and volatile farm economy, being a farm business manager is a requirement for all successful farms.

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Elli Share

Elli Share is an online platform for second-hand clothes and beyond. The team behind the platform are passionate about extending product lives which will result in a healthier planet. With an extremely efficient operation that can process thousands of unique clothing items, Elli Share makes selling second hand at large scale possible.

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HealthCasa is a provider of mobile Chiropody/Podiatry and Orthotics appointments at people’s homes and offices. They also provide full-service corporate health and wellness solutions, specializing in individual healthcare appointments at corporate offices in a variety of specialties.

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