Canada Startup News – 7 April

07 Apr 2020

This edition profiles three Canadian startups who are going from strength to strength. Boss Insights,, and Teamworki are, in one way or another, building enterprise software which will allow organizations to work more efficiently than before when they adopt their solutions. They have created platforms which, when adopted, become essential organizational and operational tools which their users will likely never part from. The three companies have achieved the rare feat of perfectly solving a problem or achieving an efficiency which would be impossible if they did not exist.

The three companies we feature are:

Boss Insights

Boss Insights is a Big Data platform that empowers lenders to measure businesses on their merit in addition to collateral. Their compound data platform lends efficiencies to lenders by accelerating business lending approvals from months to minutes and creating true financial partnership between lenders and borrowers.

Read the full article here is a SaaS application that provides teams with the necessary resources enabling them to scale their existing partner ecosystem. allows your team to keep track of who is bringing you new business, how much they are getting paid, and what value they provide your company.

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Teamworki helps track and improve team morale by enabling remote-friendly activities and analyzing data sentiment. While coworkers engage in retrospectives and one-on-one meetings, team leads can use the platform to track their team’s health by using powerful analytics.

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