Canada Startup News – April 14

14 Apr 2020

This edition profiles three more Canadian startups who are going from strength to strength.

Enso Connect, Yupp, and Fly and Fetch are building tech solutions which will transform the way their users currently access certain services. They have created platforms which, respectively, reimagine the capabilities of smart home tools, simplifies personal financial management, and disrupts the international shipping industry. They are the best examples of how the application of unique tech to existing problems completely changes the game.

The three companies we feature are:

Enso Connect

Enso Connect, currently focused on the short-term rental industry, is a home management system that leverages smart home devices and AI communication to provide a seamless experience to guests, homeowners, and property managers.

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Yupp helps you easily see where your money is going each day. They make it easier than ever to keep all your money movements front of mind, whether it’s invisible spending like a subscription, fees, or fraud; or whether it’s visible spending like your ritual morning coffee. See all your personal finance activity in one place, whether you use multiple banks or just one, and get real, personalized insight.

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Fly and Fetch

Fly and Fetch is a peer-to-peer shipping platform connecting package senders to those travelling internationally. Their mission is to connect people from all over the world by creating a safe and trustworthy place to ship goods worldwide through peer-to-peer shipping. Their goal is to make international shipping cheaper, faster, and friendlier.

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