Canada Startup Newsletter – 11 August

11 Aug 2020

We’re back with another edition of our Canada-wide newsletter which features three companies that are leveraging the powers of technology to improve on the current system.

While one company focuses on revolutionizing the dropshipping market using its innovative platform, the other two are transforming the healthcare industry by using advanced tech to more accurately service patient needs whilst maximizing efficiency.

Read about these innovative companies:



NERv is a Canadian medical device startup utilizing the plethora of data within the body, to detect postoperative complications at their onset. Its first application focuses on anastomotic (gastrointestinal) leaks that can arise after GI surgeries.

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Spocket is set to revolutionize the dropshipping market by removing the need to hold inventory and erasing upfront costs for retailers.

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Oncoustics is creating and deploying advanced and patented AI solutions for low cost, non-invasive surveillance, diagnostics, and treatment monitoring of diseases with high unmet clinical need.

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