Canada Startup Newsletter – 14 July

14 Jul 2020

Another Canada-wide edition of our startup newsletter has just been published. This edition profiles three Canadian startups that leverage technology to bolster innovative initiatives that aim in providing their users with convenient, efficient, and unique experiences that solve personal needs above that of other services offered in the market.

The three companies we feature are:



HackHub is a talent incubation platform that has organized numerous reputable hackathons in North America. In addition to their renowned status as a multifunctional hackathon platform, HackHub provides two other services through HackHub Class and HackHub Talent.

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Virtro is a leader in cutting-edge technology. With a mission to build innovative products and solve challenging problems, Virtro aims to Accelerate Learning using immersive VR Simulations with AI characters delivering lifelike conversation.

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APOLLO is a digital insurance company dedicated entirely to entrepreneurs. Their cloud-based Exchange launched in 2019 and now offers the largest selection of online insurance for small businesses in Canada.

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