Canada Startup Newsletter – 20 October

20 Oct 2020

This week we present another edition of our Canadian Startup Newsletter. Featured, are three companies using innovative technologies to support businesses during this pandemic.

One company is using EdTech to sustain meaningful classroom discussions in an increasingly online world; while another is implementing tracking technology to detect the usage of vital supplies in public spaces, and the third is easing the laborious process of patient transfers in healthcare facilities.

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Parlay Ideas

Parlay is an educational technology tool that helps teachers facilitate meaningful, measurable, and inclusive discussions inside and outside the classroom. Teachers can use this application to measure the quantity and more importantly the quality of student contributions, as well as give feedback to their students in real-time.

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Mero is providing sensing on critical supplies such as soaps, sanitizers, and paper products for a safe return to public spaces. The product utilizes flexible sensing on any commercial dispenser and dispatches cleaning staff to areas before dispensers run empty.

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Able Innovations

Able Innovations is solving the painful and labour intensive process of patient transfers by developing technology that enables effortless, single caregiver, safe and dignified transfers.

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