Canada Startup Newsletter – 24 November

24 Nov 2020

This week we present our last November edition of our Canadian Startup Newsletter. Featured are two companies trying to bring about positive change to our day-to-do lives.

One company is disrupting the way we shop for ourselves and our loved ones online, while the other is attempting to provide quick, cheap and efficient, intra-city transportation.


Xesto built the first 3D foot sizing tool that only requires an iPhone’s Face ID cameras to accurately and quickly size a person’s feet, as well as enable size sharing for family/gift purchasing. Xesto’s core technology allows customers to easily and accurately shop their desired items in the exact size they want, all online. This increases customer purchasing, lowers fit-related returns for companies, and ultimately lowers environmental impacts from e-commerce.

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Roll Scooters

Roll Scooters is the leading Canadian micro-mobility start-up focused on the last-mile transportation market. Roll offers smart mobility solutions by providing dock-less electric scooters and bike-share services to cities, campuses, and businesses.

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