Canada Startup Newsletter – 28 July

28 Jul 2020

Introducing this week’s Canada-wide edition of our startup newsletter. Today highlights startups that are putting forth their skills, knowledge, and efforts towards creating impactful social change.

Fuelled by an ambitious vision and ignited passion, these companies have identified areas of improvement in today’s world, and aim to provide tech-focused solutions to remedy them. The featured companies illustrate how they are changing the world one step at a time.

The three companies featured are:



Genecis converts organic food waste into biodegradable plastic through its technology platform that allows it to capture value from waste. Their mission is to drive a circular economy and reduce the 18 million pounds of plastics polluting our oceans.

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Acuva Technologies

Acuva Technologies is a disrupter in the cleantech space with its UV-LED disinfection technology. Initially, they were primarily focused on designing and manufacturing UV-LED water purification systems but are now evolving to air and surface disinfection.

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Brighter Investment

In developing countries, many cannot afford higher education, Brighter Investment has developed an innovative underwriting algorithm that allows for the selection of the most promising students. Those selected will receive full funding for their degree programs.

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