Canada Startup Newsletter – 29 September

29 Sep 2020

This week we present another edition of our Canada-wide startup newsletter. This edition features four companies that are revolutionizing their industries through the use of tech innovation.

While all these companies may be working towards different business objectives, all are driven by a mission to bring about change which can be seen by their efforts to provide alternative solutions to industry gaps.


Zilia has developed an innovative, non-invasive platform technology that uses imaging, spectrometry, and artificial intelligence to measure, quantitatively and in real-time, different biomarkers in the human eye.

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Soundpays is a cutting-edge, mobile engagement solution that utilizes patented ultrasonic sound wave technology to digitally connect consumers directly to advertising or broadcast content in real-time.

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Summatti is an AI-powered, B2B platform that empowers businesses with real-time, actionable insights across all their customer interactions.

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