Canada Startup Newsletter – 30 June

30 Jun 2020

Another Canada-wide edition of our startup newsletter has just been published. This edition profiles three Canadian startups who are leveraging innovative new technologies.

The three startups we feature have identified underserved areas in their field and have developed, or are in the process of developing, tech-focused solutions to their users’ problems. These three stories are great examples of how relentlessly attempting to solve a genuine problem is the key to success for almost all startups.

The three companies we feature are:

Tesera Systems

Tesera Systems is an innovative organization of entrepreneurial developers, designers and data scientists committed to bringing data-driven cloud applications to life. Their new SaaS product, High Resolution Inventory Solutions (HRIS), is the most comprehensive, consistent, and reliable forest inventory solution available at high resolution.

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Pura Air Purification

AIRPLUS Industrial is a leading and integrated provider of industrial clean-air solutions and compressed-air applications in Western Canada. In response to COVID-19 AIRPLUS Industrial is now leading a team of industry experts in the development of a new scientific approach to air purification for facilities called Pura Air Purification.

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Paragon Vitamins

Paragon Vitamins is the only company to provide you vitamins precisely for you based on your nutrient levels and intra-cellular metabolic levels. They use a unique hair tissue mineral analysis diagnostic, combined with a proprietary online questionnaire to give you a custom formula unique to your needs. You receive fresh vitamin packs every 28 days delivered right to your doorstep.

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